View Full Version : Dead Like Me movie trailer.

15-12-07, 23:19

Just discovered the trailer!

For some reason they used somebody else's voice over for the trailer, who sounds nothing like Georgia, but I am too happy to care :D

15-12-07, 23:58
I love that music! Series of Unfortunate Events has the best soundtrack ever!!

16-12-07, 02:34
I'm irked that Daisy is a different actress. I think she is the actress who played her character's sister when she was on 24.

16-12-07, 10:28
mmm, the new daisy will take some getting used to. Apart from that, it looks good.

16-12-07, 13:50
Its been said if the movie sells well it could mean dead like me will return for a new series, which would be fantastic.

16-12-07, 16:23
I keep meaning to buy the DVDs, but I always get distracted.

16-12-07, 16:29
Awesome! Although..Daisy will take some getting used to. Is Reggie played by the same girl?

16-12-07, 16:58
Oh I can't wait for it! Didn't know that there'd be a movie too! :eek: :D

jagged halo
16-12-07, 17:29
Looks cool. I'm interested to see how it all ends.

16-12-07, 17:56
Didn't even know they were doing a film. Quite excited now! :cool:

16-12-07, 18:11
Didn't even know they were doing a film. Quite excited now! :cool:

It's just a TV/DVD movie, not a big blockbuster thing. And if it does well they'll pick up the series again. MGM are doing a lot of these at the moment, they've got 2 SG-1 DVD movies in the pipes and they've got a couple of other things too.