View Full Version : Making TR4/TRLE Levels in DXtre3d.

16-12-07, 13:12
Hi guys :wve:

I'm having a bit of a problem. I've added LARA from Settomb.tr4 into my new .tr4 file for DXtre3d (You would probably know DXtre3d doesnt support Wads ;) ) And Ingame, When Lara jumps, She stays in the air, falling, but not moving, also, when she rolls, she doesnt face the opposite direction, she faces the previous way. I tried adding Different Lara's from Different .tr4 Levels and still the same problem.

Am I doing something wrong :confused:

16-12-07, 18:24
Yes, it was an incompatibility between TP tools with wadmerger way to save data; go to www.dxtre3d.com and download fexmerger tool from there, which despite the link label version show in the site it is actually a newer version that support to work correct with tr4 level generated with wad files touched by wadmerger. Build again your base file using that fexmerger revesion.

17-12-07, 13:15
Ahh. Thankyou very much. It works now. I think It may have just been an occasional glitch, because ages ago when I was building, I never had that problem. Atleast you've helped me fix it. Thankies.