View Full Version : Stupid Image forge!!!

16-12-07, 17:52
I'm sorry to be a burden. I have windows vista, so I installed ImageForge. Then I figured out I can't view pictures I saved from sites and files that I exported from the sims 2 body shop. It just says, " An error has occured while attempting to etract your images, as this does not contain any veiwable images. You must use ImageForge to create an executable file in which to view your images. " Then it taks me to ActivLibrary. I deleated the desktop shortcut, I deleated the down load, I emptied my trash bin and the program is still there!!

Please Help!!

16-12-07, 18:18
Click on start then all programs. It should be there, then just click on uninstall. You cant Uninstall a program by just deleting it. :wve: This should be in Technical Support.

16-12-07, 18:20
THANK YOU!!!!:D:D:hug::gki:

I was so scared that I didn't think about that.