View Full Version : found some sequels

18-12-07, 00:22
there will be a brokeback mountain 2 and a step up 2

I think they will both be pretty sucky.

18-12-07, 00:27
Never seen Step Up, but I think they should leave Brokeback Mountain as it was. It was a nice story as it was (well, it wasn't nice, it was pretty horrific towards the end) and adding a "this is what happened afterwards" sequel would almost feel like it was cheaping the experience of the first one.

Meh, we'll see.

18-12-07, 00:38
Where did you hear about a sequel for Brokeback Mountain ? Sound like an awful idea, leave it there please, its good as it is. o_O

18-12-07, 00:54
I think it could work if the acting is good enough, and they bring back Ang Lee
to direct. I would watch Heath Ledger in anything, even if the movie was really
bad ....:mis: