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18-12-07, 21:06
hey everyone, ive just been banned from the skribblerz forums because george mac found out my sexuallity, ive heard this has happened to other people aswell, and i know this is illegial in everyway, and i was just wondering if anyone else who has been banned has any idea who skribblerz.com host/isp is? because im planning to shut it down for discrimiation against homosexuals.

18-12-07, 21:07
You were banned from a forum for being a homosexual? That's ridiculous!

18-12-07, 21:08
Indeed it is TombRaiderLover. People are all the same, no matter they be a different colour, different religion, different race or different sexuallity.

It shouldn't happen.

18-12-07, 21:09
Many people have been banned from there because of being gay. But i'm not sure it's illegal or something. And this thread might be closed because tlr doesn't want other forums' problems coming into his. Just to keep his forum nice and peaceful. ;)

P.S. I wish I could help you and I do not support his ideas either. :)

18-12-07, 21:10
Skribblerz is well known for it's homophobia.

The owner is a nasty piece of work. You can live without scum like him :)

18-12-07, 21:10
I was thinking that the thread may be closed. I hope that I have not broken the rules and I apologise if I have done. I was just putting my point across.

Mona Sax
18-12-07, 21:11
As much as I agree with your views on sexuality - we can't allow people to bring their fights against other pages or forums here. If you're serious about this, I'd suggest talking to a lawyer.

tlr online
18-12-07, 22:23
It's very sad to read that this kind of discrimination continues within our community. Good luck with your endeavours Ironik, I hope you succeed in making a difference.

In fairness to everyone, the owner of Skribblerz has already been banned from our forum and therefore has no voice here, so this thread will be closed.