View Full Version : Do you have a HD TV?

19-12-07, 07:13
If so, what size are they? I'm liking the 40 or 42 inches at the moment. It's not too big but it's not small either.

And I mean hd as like 1080p (Some tvs are "HD Ready" but I'm surprised they said it wasn't 1080p :eek: WHat good is that?) . I think Bravia brand seems to be very smooth movements and crystal clear (It's the best choice at the moment I think). Other than that I think Sharp seems to be good too. Any other recommendations?

In addition to that, I'm confused as which one is the future entertainment player: Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Personally I like Blu-ray with their cool blue theme and they seems to have bigger capacity.

19-12-07, 07:20
I have a 42" son bravia hdtv but because I dont have a hd-dvd player and hd movies dont air that often I dont have the chance to try it out.

Mad Tony
19-12-07, 07:23
We've got a 32" HD TV. :)
Don't know the make of it though. :p

19-12-07, 08:34
I'll tell you a secret: I don't have a TV at all. I do have an external DVB-C tuner for my Mac, though, so you could kind of say that my iMac (20") is my HDTV.

My parents have a large (40" maybe, not sure) HDTV, forgot the make, but I moved out of my parents' house a few months ago (because there is no good university near where I used to live), so I can't rightfully say it's mine.

Legend 4ever
19-12-07, 08:50
No, I don't. And I don't need it.

19-12-07, 09:00
I have a 42" one.Toshiba.

I'd also say Blu-Ray is more than likely the way forwards. Recently I read that Blu-Ray sales were ahead of HD-DVD by 70% of sales in Europe this year.
I'll try and find the link to that later.

19-12-07, 09:03
Nope, but I want one. 20-inch CRT TV's aren't too good for the family room :(.

19-12-07, 09:04
I have a 32" HD TV :)

19-12-07, 09:31
I do want one in the future to play my fv games :D

19-12-07, 10:10
HDTV's are basically in all sizes, everything from 32" - 50". I haven't got a HDTV, and I really don't need it in the near future either. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are way overrated, and is not as "High Definition" as they say it is. There's a reason why most people don't have it. HDTV's also make the colours brighter than they originally are, sort of like Plasma VS LCD. It looks great, but completely unnatural.

I didn't know as much about TV's until I started working with it. I got a 32" Samsung, and it's great. What you really have to consider when you're buying a new TV is whether the picture is great, 'cause technicalities may seem good on paper, and suck when you look at the TV and think to yourself... "Is this it?"

19-12-07, 10:13
No I don't . They're very expensive at the moment, perhaps when the prices will drop ! :)

19-12-07, 10:18
Nope, not yet. I might get one next summer. My dad has a 32'' HD TV though.

19-12-07, 11:03
Nope but I install them for people almost every day at work. Based on what I have seen this is what I would suggest:

A. DO NOT get a plasma TV. Lower lifespan and a greater risk of an image burn in if you're watching a standard definition image (you'll have bars on the right and left). I'd go with LCD or Digital Light Projection. Both are good options though LCD's are lighter.

B. Sharp, Samsung, Sony and Vizio (http://www.vizio.com/)are all very well rated. The Vizio's in particular I've seen have looked very very nice in HD.


ben croft
19-12-07, 11:37
No, not yet. Should get one when God of War III finally is out.


Agent 47
19-12-07, 12:00
i have a 26"

size isn't everything plus my eye sight hasn't gone yet..........great quality picture, built in digital tv, too many features to use all of them :(

19-12-07, 12:26
I have a DLP HD Home Theatre Projector and a pull-down 109" screen. :D

And a 35" HDTV in the bedroom.

19-12-07, 16:10
NOPE. But I have a fantastic portable 25 inch Toshiba. Compared it side by side on PS3 with ma uncles 1080p thing and the graphics are identical.

19-12-07, 16:11
No. HD tvs are horribly expensive.

19-12-07, 16:15
I would if I did but I don't so I haven't.


19-12-07, 16:27
nope, i wish i did..

Anyone want to buy me one?:)

19-12-07, 16:32
We recently got one. It's a Sony Bravia. I think it's 1080i, but I'm not sure

19-12-07, 16:44
Yes. 50" HD TV. :D

19-12-07, 16:50
Will be getting a small one soon, for when I get a PS3 for Tomb Raider Underworld :D

19-12-07, 16:55
In my room I have a 42" Full HDTV (1080p).

And in our living room we have a 52" HDTV (1080p).

19-12-07, 17:00
Yeah I've had it for quite a bit. Samsung 32" I believe. :)

19-12-07, 17:04
I haven't.... at the moment :p
Some last will be the first :ton::D

19-12-07, 17:05
Yep. 26" Toshiba.

I really don't see why y'all have such big T.V's! :p I couldn't focus on anything on a 42"+ screen....t'would hurt my eyes ....

19-12-07, 18:38
32" Samsung. Capable of doing 1366x768.

Looking to get a 1080p next year sometime :wve:

19-12-07, 18:58
I have a 60 inch:D

19-12-07, 19:06
I have a 42" Sony Bravia which I use for my 360, it's incredibly smooth and great picture.

19-12-07, 19:10
I have a Sony Bravia HDTV. Not Full HD, though. I'm not sure about the size, maybe 40 inches or something like that. But I don't use it for gaming, I use it for watching TV and movies.

19-12-07, 19:12
Nope, i have a 20" i guess travel tv :D Does it for me when playing Wii, 360, PS2 etc., :)

19-12-07, 19:12
We are currently shopping for a HDTV, looking at getting one about 46"

have narrowed it down to 3 tvs ( untill we find another one we like!)

19-12-07, 19:46
Nope. :)

19-12-07, 20:47
No, but my normal telly in my room is on the blink so I'm buying a HD TV with my EMA bonus. I don't want a 690 inch screen or anything crazy... I'm just going to get a 22 inch LCD that is HD ready. :)

Legend Killer
19-12-07, 23:55
We have an older 57" Hitachi that is working out nicely here. At some point I'd like to upgrade the bedroom tv to a nice flat screen as well. I don't do theaters anymore. :wve:

20-12-07, 00:08
:whi:....Some of you, you can take crick neck after watching television.

I imagine a film with a dialogues scene with two characters on each side of the screen. It seems that you are watching a tennis match....:D:D


21-12-07, 01:26
Thanks for the replies you guys :D

I have a 42" one.Toshiba.

I'd also say Blu-Ray is more than likely the way forwards. Recently I read that Blu-Ray sales were ahead of HD-DVD by 70% of sales in Europe this year.
I'll try and find the link to that later.

But Chris, I've read that some companies didn't want to cooperate with Blu-Ray.

On August 20, 2007, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and DreamWorks Animation, announced they would no longer be supporting the Blu-ray Disc format. Citing HD DVD's lower consumer equipment and disc replication costs (due to its similarities to the standard DVD format), all future Paramount/Dreamworks titles will be released exclusively on HD DVD. Together, Paramount and DreamWorks are currently the 2007 box office leaders, and their first two HD DVD-exclusive titles, Shrek the Third and Transformers, are both poised to be top sellers during the 2007 holiday season

:( Bummer. I do hope they'll change their mind in the future.