View Full Version : Ashlee Simpson New Video Outta my head (Ay ya ya)

19-12-07, 09:18

I realy dont like her... IMo she is just a rich girl with no job who try to follow her syster being a singer...
The music is good the style of the music... But she have no talent, the video is so ... how to say... it's a try-to-look-fun
A good prodution.

Ashlee IMO have no style... she change so much and this is so bad... In the video she try to looks like a lot of POP Diva...

It's cool but not that all 3 stars

ben croft
19-12-07, 11:35
OMG! This video is in the 'worst videos I've ever seen in my life'. I don't like her, but this doesn't mean I will always dislike her videoclips. If she had done a great, or at least, a decent videoclip, I was gonna tell you that. But that, no ofense, it's awful, weird, trash!!! Sorry but I don't wanna hurt fans feelings (if there's one here).


Night Crawler
19-12-07, 11:52
I want to slate it so bad but...I...like...it. :o

19-12-07, 16:14
I want to slate it so bad but...I...like...it. :o

Gosh, I know. Is it bad that I kinda like the video? :p :D

19-12-07, 16:18
Woah, its actually very good, and the song is great! Much better then all the other crap she released earlier this year! :tmb::p

19-12-07, 16:35
Plain Terrible! :p

Legend 4ever
19-12-07, 17:38
I love how she looks now, but I don't like the video and the music. Her last album I Am Me was amazing, every song was really great.

19-12-07, 20:53
is she trying to do a gwen steffani coz that video looked like she was trying to do a new version for what you waiting for

19-12-07, 22:31
this sounds like something gwen stefani shouldve done. it wouldve sounded SO much better.

the only thing i like is the outfit she wears on the rubix cube, everything else is crap.

Indiana Croft
19-12-07, 23:05
...I like it? I actually like it? Wow, what is wrong with:confused: Yes. I like this song for some reason

20-12-07, 00:02
Wow she gets less and less attractive as she ages

20-12-07, 08:14
I've always preferred Ashlee to Jessica.
Liking the new song a lot. :tmb:

20-12-07, 08:36
I'm exactly the same, when it first started playing I was like "Oh no" but its so grown on me really quickly! It could be a good song to dance to in a club.

20-12-07, 09:50
I've always preferred Ashlee to Jessica.
Liking the new song a lot. :tmb:

Neither of them are overly talented really but yeah I agree Ashlee has the more catchy songs.

I don't mind this song, it will probably grow on me :)

21-12-07, 00:28
I really like this song and the video and I'm not a fan of hers.

It's very 80's (probably something many of you have no idea about hehehehe)

It reminds me of Cyndi Lauper with her wacky videos and raspy voice. The video itself is a take on a lot of fairytales/stories/movies/art.

The one thing you have to give to Ashlee is that she's actually wearing clothes in the video. There's no gratuatious (sp?) skin showing.

I agree with Mitch that she's better than Jessica. Jessica has these really breathy exasperated vocals, Ashlee has a deeper voice and she doesn't try to be something else.

You've got to admit she's taking a much more different route than any of the other pop tartlets.

Someone said it's like Gwen's "what cha waiting for" video, and that doesn't mean that she's copying Gwen...that means that maybe it's the same director and he doesn't have many other ideas. (btw Gwen's video was a complete copy of Alice in Wonderland from Disney and wasn't anything original)

21-12-07, 00:29
This is a nice music video:

You know everyone there died of the radiation.

21-12-07, 00:36
Great Video!! :tmb:

21-12-07, 01:15
(btw Gwen's video was a complete copy of Alice in Wonderland from Disney and wasn't anything original)

Well yeah but it was meant to be a Wonderland theme, that was the whole point of the video. Its a bit different taking a book and making it into a music video rather than taking a music video of someone else's representations and making it into another music video.

anyway, I'm hooked to this song now, its too darn catchy lol

Legend 4ever
21-12-07, 10:37
OK, I like the song now, really catchy. Still, the video is kinda wrong.