View Full Version : How do you eat apple?

19-12-07, 23:53
Do you Bite the thing whole or do u cut it up, or do u use some kinda or special device or a juicer?
I personally cut it up <_<

19-12-07, 23:58
I predict a bright future for this thread lol

19-12-07, 23:59
lol? thats not answering the question now is it? :P

Woop Legend!
20-12-07, 00:01
I chomp chomp chomp away.

The saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' is flawed as well. Men's Health magazine said you need to eat 100 apples a day to keep the doctor away. however, they also say that cold showers make a man feel good. I spit on you Men's Health!

20-12-07, 00:15
Do you Bite the thing whole or do u cut it up, or do u use some kinda or special device or a juicer?
I personally cut it up <_<
I won't be eating any fruit tomorrow.. :pi:

20-12-07, 00:16
I eat it like tomato. And vice versa.

20-12-07, 00:23
I... bite into it, chew and swallow? xD

20-12-07, 00:29
I just bite into it.

We have an apple slicer, but.. that's way too much effort, and it hurts my hands. Not worth it. Plus it's messy. :rolleyes:

20-12-07, 00:38
why do u want to kno?

20-12-07, 00:51
why do u want to kno?

because i'm soo bored :/

20-12-07, 00:54
why do u want to kno?

Because it's a conspiracy, Twilight. :(

20-12-07, 00:56
I eat it any way I feel like

20-12-07, 01:07
I predict a bright future for this thread lol


Erm... *shuffles essay on how to eat apples*

Well, personally I like to chop them up into equal 4cm segments and then delicately peel the skin away, by this time it's normally all mouldy... So then I put it in the microwave then I eat them.

But if I can't be bothered I like to just eat them normally. Same as most people :).

20-12-07, 01:09
because i'm soo bored :/

Have you heard of Open Chat (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=108819)?

20-12-07, 01:10
I have them in Cider form. :D

20-12-07, 01:17
i just bite the whole thing :D
EDIT: btw, random thread :vlol:

20-12-07, 01:42
First of all, you have to bite it; it is the only way
It is more efficient, you waste time getting a knife and slicing it, which is also more dangerous.
The real question is: do you bite in columns or in rows?
Perhaps you go diagonal?

Camera Obscura
20-12-07, 01:45
Well first I dip the apple in a bowl of clean water, then I squeeze a bit of lime around the edges. I slowly cut the apple in half with a knife, not too hard or It'll bruise! After gently cutting it in two, I add a pinch of salt to each piece and bring it up to my lips. I place my lips on the cool surface of the apple and feel the cold touch on my mouth. Then I slowly clasp my teeth around the piece and bite down, creating an ooze of tangy apple juice flowing down my chin. If I'm shirtless, I let the juice make its way down under while I suck on the remaining pieces. When I'm done I push it into my mouth and roll it around until it goes dry. When I'm finished I swallow and look for any apple sauce still left on my face.

20-12-07, 01:46
Im going to assume you didnt mean to make that erotic

Capt. Murphy
20-12-07, 02:03

20-12-07, 02:26
either I bit it, cut it up and put peanut butter on it, or i cut it up and put cinnamon on it. happy now.

20-12-07, 02:31
apple peeler - corer - slicer. A nifty little tool, stick the apple on the spikes, turn the crank and it peels the apple while at the same time cutting around the core and slices it like a slinky - only you cant make it walk down the stairs.

20-12-07, 02:34
Since it's my least favourite fruit, I don't.

20-12-07, 02:36
because i'm soo bored :/

Not a very good excuse. Please keep these types of "topics" for Open Chat.