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20-12-07, 04:32
Hey forumers, I know it's been a while since I posted in here, but life kind of kicks in the way. :)
Well, to update some old friends (and new ones)on an important matter, I am having knee surgery tomorrow. So far I am not scared at all, but I am pretty sure that by the time I am there tomorrow, my mind will end up changing. Apparently, the doctor said that my knee alignment is not accordingly right. The surgery will end up taking place on both knees, since they both have the same problem.They will place some kind of steel plates on both knees and align it in proportion with the rest of my leg. He mentioned that the bone will have to be perforated and cut a little so that the steel plate will have enough surface to be placed upon. Sounds funky huh? I find it all pretty interesting to be honest.
It is not really necessary to do this surgery, but I preferred taking precautions since my doctor said it might affect me a lot when I am older - in terms of walking, exercising, etc.
The doctor said I might not be able to walk for about 3 weeks, so Christmas is going to be spent in bed. :) lol

Well, I thought I'd share this with you guys since some of you are bound to care (or not.Lol)

I feel ready for it. As soon as I get back home and am able to use the computer again, I'll tell you guys how it went. :) Hopefully everything will go well. I've never had surgery in my life.

20-12-07, 04:43
Good luck and i hope you recover well. I had surgery on my knee for a torn ACL and it took me a year to recover and its still not right 10 years later....

Hopefully it all works out for you, knees are a pain in the ass and heres to a good recovery.

20-12-07, 04:44
I hope it turns out fine for you,good luck:hug:

20-12-07, 04:48
Hope all goes well with your surgery, Good luck :)

Camera Obscura
20-12-07, 04:48
Good luck with the surgery. The only downside are the scars that are going to be left on your knee. But I guess having good strong knees and being able to walk is better than simple scars. :wve:

20-12-07, 05:00
Good luck with the surgery matheus :hug:

I'm sure it will all go fine. :)

20-12-07, 05:09
dont worry it will go totally fine its just a knee surgery, good luck to you and see you soon :)

Tthe Spirit
20-12-07, 05:09
God be with you my friend.
Good luck.

20-12-07, 08:14
Hope everything goes well with your surgery. I'm sure you'll be well again in no time :)

At least your in the hand sof people who know what they are doing.

20-12-07, 08:16
Thank you all! :hug:

Lol, it's 3:23 am here... I can't sleep! Too much anxiety.. well, at least I'll be out and tired by the surgery.

20-12-07, 08:18
Good luck! :)

20-12-07, 08:43
Good luck, and I hope you have a speedy recovery! :hug:

20-12-07, 09:07
The very best of luck to you Matt! I hope it all goes well, and you're back on your feet in no time. :) :hug:

20-12-07, 09:31
good luck, im sure everything will be ok :tmb:

20-12-07, 09:33
Ooooohooohoo I don't envy you. Best of luck mate! Hope it goes uneventully. :hug:

20-12-07, 10:26
Good luck Matt. I hope it works out well. :)

20-12-07, 10:30
Good luck!

20-12-07, 10:58
Good luck, surgery ain't fun, but I say use it as an excuse to get muchos sympathy from your friends and family. There's always an upside! :p

lara is mine
20-12-07, 11:20
i hope it goes well!:)

star girl
20-12-07, 11:21
Good luck with the surgery! :) Dont be afraid, it'll work out just fine :)

20-12-07, 11:49
Well good luck with your surgery, hope everything works out fine for you! :tmb: :hug:

20-12-07, 11:50
Good Luck and don't panic just be yourself!! :hug:

20-12-07, 12:06
Homg x_x All the best luck to you Matty! =)

20-12-07, 16:55
good luck and take care. Hope it won't be painful and you can walk very soon

20-12-07, 17:04
Woah!! Hope it went ok. And that you make a speedy recovery

20-12-07, 17:31
Good luck, I hope everything goes well and there are no complications.:)

20-12-07, 17:41

Tomb Raider Master
20-12-07, 18:02
Hope everything goes well, Matt. :)

20-12-07, 18:03
Best of luck BoyTRaider :tmb: :hug: Christmas in bed, dear me... doesn't get much better than that eh? :D

I'm sure you'll be fine. See if you can talk the surgeon into giving some gory pictures of the work-in-progress - that'll certainly spice up the members' pictures thread :mis: :cln:

20-12-07, 18:23
Good luck!:hug:
I remember one of my former classmates had a knee surgery and it wasn't that bad. He was up and walking in no time.:)
It's a wise thing that you're thinking about the future and having the surgery now even though it's not urgent. Many people would be too chicken to do it and wait until the real problems start.

Tomb Raider 5194
20-12-07, 18:28
Good luck! Hope everything goes well :tmb: :)

20-12-07, 18:31
Good luck with the surgery, hope everything turns out well. :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
20-12-07, 20:25
I hope everything goes well for you Matheus. :hug: I'll be praying!

You're being such a good sport too, your positive attitude will definitely be a huge factor in getting through this. Again, I will be praying that everything goes well, and I know that it will. You take care. :hug:

20-12-07, 20:29
Best of luck, I'm sure it will go great :D Keep us updated!

20-12-07, 20:31
Best of luck with your surgery:)

21-12-07, 21:45
Thank you all who took some time to give me your support through this. I just got home. Everything went so well that instead of keeping me in the hospital for two days, they only kept me overnight. Now I just got home and felt it would be good that I updated you guys on everything. :) Yes there is tons of pain, but it's all gonna be worth in the future. :) I love all of you. Thanks once again. :D

I hope everything goes well for you Matheus. :hug: I'll be praying!

You're being such a good sport too, your positive attitude will definitely be a huge factor in getting through this. Again, I will be praying that everything goes well, and I know that it will. You take care. :hug:
Thanks Mel. I guess that when you are optimistic everything goes better..
I did some progress too.. This morning I had the physiotherapist come and help me learn how to use the wheelchair and the crutches. The wheelchair was awesome...Lol and I could actually stand up with the crutches for a little bit, which he said was very surprising.

Best of luck BoyTRaider :tmb: :hug: Christmas in bed, dear me... doesn't get much better than that eh? :D

I'm sure you'll be fine. See if you can talk the surgeon into giving some gory pictures of the work-in-progress - that'll certainly spice up the members' pictures thread :mis: :cln:

Lol! I actually did ask them that because I'm always interested into these kind of things, but he said I couldn't.
Thank you very much for supporting me Greenkey2. :)


Thank you! :hug:

21-12-07, 21:50
I'm sure it will go smoothly, it doesn't hurt until after the operations, which is when you stuff antibiotics down your throat repeatedly. ;) That's what I did after my mouth operation. And I wasn't even put to sleep, so I had to see them poke around with scissors and tweezers in my mouth, also I could feel some of those gross chemmicals and what not flowing down my throat from the spray-doo hickies.
Eesh, then I had lips like a fish after the operation (All the anosthetics.)

But enough about my operations, I assure you; it will go fine, because you won't even have to feel the actual pain.

And ALWAYS remember: What goes around comes around, like after my operation, my mouth hurt as hell, so I had to eat a lot of ice cream, and miss one and a half days of school. ^_^

I had to. :D

But GEWD Cluck friend. Hope all goes as planned. :tmb:

21-12-07, 21:55
Hope everything goes ok. Best of luck :)

21-12-07, 21:57
GOOD LUCKSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to get stitches when I was like 3 because my dad asked me to put the telephone back on the receiver. I was skipping back when I tripped and hit the apartment wall and molding with my forehead.:(

24-12-07, 22:54
Iím glad itís going well for you. Take the pain medicine so you can heal easier. Relax, drink plenty of good fluids. Use ice when you need to for the swelling and pain.

Good luck on your continuing recovery! :)

25-12-07, 00:28
Good Luck

Lara Croft!
25-12-07, 00:43
I hope everything turns alright for you!!!:hug:

Only TR lover
25-12-07, 01:11
Good luck! See ya soon ;)

Capt. Murphy
25-12-07, 08:30
God be with you in your Surgery... By the time I'm posting this you'll probably already had it.

Edit: It was for Arthritis I had in my knee. The joint had worn down mostly on one side. It was not only painful -all the time- but it wasn't too asthetically positive (it didn't look good).. It gave me a real bad knock knee. >:-(

I had knee surgery (a partial joint replacement -I still have my original knee cap, the top and bottom leg joints were replaced) in my right knee back when I was 23 (I believe). I'm 32 now.

I hope I remember all this correctly... I think I spent about 5 to 7 days after the surgery in the hospital. After a while I had my left leg put in a mobility device that kept it moving slowly. It's hard to say what was the hardest part of it. Either the physical therapy sessions (which was for a little while) or trying to get and stay asleep at night. This would make it hard to stay awake and keep from taking a little nap every now and then the next day. But there was one nurse that would jump onto me >;-/ if she spotted me dozing. Also, of course, the pain! I had morphine hooked up to me. This also had me in a grouchy mood, but at least -whenever I'd close my eyes- I could just about see something weird. Such as diamond patterns, or a circle of monkeys, one big one in the center and behind each one was a smaller monkey scratching the others back.:cln:

Edit2: Oh yeah. I had some tubes in my knee to, I guess, better circulate the blood or to clean it out (I'm not sure what it was for). Then came the day they had to take it out. (This won't be pretty...) The nurse had to yank them out quickly. I probably would've yelled out loud! I quickly put my hand over my mouth and closed my eyes tightly... Needless to say.. It hurt. :-/

Right after I woke up from the surgery - I knew I was out of it. The next day I'd be a little more ...lucid, then the next day I'd feel I was more aware than the day before. I also (and this is a bit embarassing) had a bit of trouble going [number 1] at first. Eventually I needed a catheter put in so I could get rid of some... fluid. :o I even drank a lot of water, and eventually was able to get some normalcy/balance back.

When I finally went home I stayed in bed for about 3 weeks to a month. had physical therapy sessions on certain days... I don't remember that much about it, and the pain pills gave me some elaborate ...visions. :-> I even had to stick to a strict diet (no junk food, plenty of water) and to try to keep active.

Before, I wieghed around 130 lbs. Ever since then I gained some weight and have stayed at/around 170 lbs.

I hope my experience gives you some insight of (possible) things to come. :)

25-12-07, 10:34
Good Luck!!! :D