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21-12-07, 13:42
If you lock at the backside of the folder where she is in the tomb of ancients you will see that Lara have other clothes than what is normal but how can i change them???

21-12-07, 14:36
To change her clothes from the normal go to the character folder in AoD's folder (Program files\Eidos Interactive\Tomb Raider\Data\char. You can find the .CHR files in there. Normally Lara's isn't there, but you can download them from here CLICK (http://www.****************/index_files/Mod_Catalog_files/CHR.html) Extract the downloaded files into the Character folder.

To change Lara's clothes (and to change the characters into another one) Change the name of the wanted character's CHR file to the name of the character you want to replace it with.

Here's the name of Lara's .CHR files:
LARAD - Lara in jeans
LARAC1 - Lara in Louvre outfit
LARAC2 - Lara in Prague outfit (before the shorts)
LARA - Lara in shorts
LARAS - Lara in diving suit

Hope that helped :)

21-12-07, 16:32
In other words changing outfits is not part of the game, the screens used for the box art were not taken from the final game. You can use the CHR files if you have a patched version, or version 52, or you can mod the game which is not that easy, you will find instructions in this thread.

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21-12-07, 22:37
I see everything has been said, so please continue in the thread Aussie linked. Thank you. :wve: