View Full Version : Do you ever save Computer Images??

22-12-07, 23:20
Hey, Everyone, I got one question for you all, I want to know if you save images on the computer, I usaully don't any more. Only if they are moddings or Screenshots from my games. :)

22-12-07, 23:24
i usually save images that are my wallpapers and some works that im making with GIMP, otherwise no

22-12-07, 23:25
I do, I store digital art, digital pictures, pictures I found on the internet *cough*TRU screens*Cough* :p etc etc. I usually back them up on a flashdrive to just in case they get deleted on accident.

22-12-07, 23:26
Erm, I bet half my HDD is images. :p

22-12-07, 23:27
Yes, of course? :eek: Tons of pictures, especially print screens taken from games.. And all sorta random things I ever find. :)

22-12-07, 23:36
I pretty much save ecverything i see - Which is a bad habbit

22-12-07, 23:40
Well, My older brother says that images take up too much memory & he said that if I put a new desktop on the computer, he's going to put it away... :(

22-12-07, 23:45
I do. My Comics folder has 1.588 pictures in it XD

23-12-07, 00:02
Yeah a huge part of my second hard drive is for pictures, all kinds, screenies, wallpapers, my personal photos, art (digital or traditional, including my own works), photos of actors, actresses, musicians, etc. :)

23-12-07, 00:04
i save them all.... any pics i find or create. they all are here and i usually cant find the right one im looking for :p

23-12-07, 00:10
I upload the images I don't want to lose to my Photobucket.

23-12-07, 00:51
Most things that I find on the internet that look awesome usually end up being saved.

23-12-07, 00:58
Most things that I find on the internet that look awesome usually end up being saved.Ditto.

23-12-07, 00:59
rofl yes like 10 images per day maybe more.

23-12-07, 01:55
mostly things i'm obsessed with, fan works from Deviantart, pics from here, scenry, things that look pretty.
i have folders and folders of pics.

23-12-07, 02:02
Honestly, I only save personal pictures of my family and friends. The rest, such as latest Underworld screens and other such games, I can always go back to viewing online.

23-12-07, 03:34
Most things that I find on the internet that look awesome usually end up being saved.


Double ditto.

23-12-07, 09:20
I have a lot of saved pictures!Anything that I find and like while searching on the internet I save.:p

23-12-07, 09:29
I have so many picures it's insane. Unless I don't get on the computer at all, I don't go a day without saving pictures.

23-12-07, 09:31
I store most work, stuff and pics on my external hard drive, although I don't save pics very much.

23-12-07, 10:03
Yes, I usually save any picture I like or find interesting at the moment.I have tons of them now.

23-12-07, 11:17
Yeah, I've got about 13gb of images. Most of them are my own work though, I don't often save images from the web.

23-12-07, 11:20
I don't save all of them, but I do like to hoard the ones I have. It's hard to let go. :(