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Arron TR
23-12-07, 16:42

I really want to make a blog site and blog about computing stuff but I have absolutely no ideas what to do, everone seems to use myspace and talk about themselves all the time which i find boring. Anyone have any ideas?

I was thinking about software reviews but im not sure

Thanks :p

Capt. Murphy
23-12-07, 20:35
Have you ever had any Love interest that you didn't get to fulfull or make known your feelings to this person? Did the anguish of not having done those things make you crazy and nuerotic? That could make for a good blog. Not that I have any blog like that anywhere. Nuh-uh. Not me.

23-12-07, 21:14
I have blogged for many a years and all you need to do is just talk about what interests you. Do you like technology, movies, celebrities, news, sport, gardening, entertainment, television. Just write about whatever interest you.

In technology area you could talk about software, hardware, firmware, Windows, Macintosh, Apple, Microsoft, iPod, iPhones, Forums, Social Networking Sites etc.

Make sure to tag your posts well.

Try using Wordpress (www.wordpress.com) or Blogger (www.blogger.com)


ben croft
23-12-07, 23:46
Hey, take a look at my blog about Lara Croft and God of War series. I don't have free time now, so it's not up-to-date. :( But I hope it gives you some ideas.

GOD OF WAR BRAZIL (http://www.godofwarbrasil.blogspot.com/)
LADY CROFT BLOG (http://www.blogcroft.blogspot.com/)

I made it myself, by the way. No one helped me. Hard in the beginning, but later on you get the hang of it.


24-12-07, 02:11
Yeah, I agree with what some have said already. It's pretty easy once you know what really interests you, because it won't be a chore writing about it. I keep a couple of special interest sites in the form of blogs and one personal site (http://coeurmalade.multiply.com). The personal site is the easiest to maintain and keep up to date since there's no limitation whatsoever about the topic I wish to talk about. But based on experience, the main motivation for writing blogs and more of them is having readers or audience who actually read through your materials. So, yeah, it's also important that you have a target audience in mind. :tmb:

24-12-07, 02:12
What is the difference between a blog and a forum?

24-12-07, 02:33
forum usually is used for questions, feedbacks and for discussions and blog is more a article with a specific subject that you write and will get updated over time