View Full Version : Who likes Fawlty Towers?

Jack Croft
24-12-07, 11:12
Who does like this classic British sitcom. At the moment it is on UkTV gold they have just shown Series 1.

People may remember:

Old Women
MajorIm only 16 and wasnt around when it aired in the 70's but i think its great!

Wikipedia Entry - CLICK (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fawlty_towers)

24-12-07, 11:20
It's an all time classic! :D


Don't touch me, I don't know where you've been.. Myyyy God you're ugly.


24-12-07, 11:28
Who doesnt?!?!? :p

Jack Croft
24-12-07, 11:30
Who doesnt?!?!? :p

Lol. Espically the undeniable charm of Basil! He really acts brilliantly and Sybil is just crazy and evil. This is british comedy at its best.

24-12-07, 11:31
One of the funniest shows that I have ever watched :D

24-12-07, 11:32
Who doesnt?!?!? :p

Exactly :D How can you not love it? :p

24-12-07, 11:35
Now, who would like a drink before the war ? :mis:


Jack Croft
24-12-07, 11:36
Now, who would like a drink before the war ? :mis:


Lol. I watched that one last night it was funny, and he keeps telling polly dont mention the war.

24-12-07, 11:45
Great series. Haven't seen it for a few years, but the vid Rivendell posted seems even funnier than I remember it being! :vlol:

24-12-07, 12:34
Fantastic. My most favourite TV series of all time. I've seen each episode dozens of times and they're still awesome.

24-12-07, 12:53
I love it.
My favourite character is Manuel :D.

Jack Croft
24-12-07, 12:56
I love it.
My favourite character is Manuel :D.

Yes he is quite a classic charatcer but i feel sorry for him especiallu when he is hit by Basil. :p

24-12-07, 13:09
I was brought up on it, cos my dad loves it! It's funny to hear my dad go into his Basil routine every now and then... 'RIGHT! Do you want to run the hotel? Do you?'

24-12-07, 13:47
I watch it when my dad's at the computer...they show it everyday in Finland

24-12-07, 13:50
*Throws hand in the air*

Jack loves it! Hmmm... Jack shouldn't talk about himself in third person... oh well.

Great show.

24-12-07, 13:53
basil: Manuel take these cases up to room 17
Manuel: k?

I got the series on DVD and VHS! It's awesome :tmb:

24-12-07, 13:57
Agree. One of the most enjoyable series I have ever seen.

24-12-07, 14:00
*jumps on the 'I <3 Fawlty Towers' bandwagon* :D

24-12-07, 14:07
I saw an episode of it on UK Gold last night. To be honest, I only ever remember one episode from the past. The one about the Americans asking for the waldorf salad. lol

It's not my favorite British sitcom though. The one that really has me in hysterics is Blackadder. :)