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24-12-07, 14:44
i am writting to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy healthy new year:)
what a year its been The latter half of this year has been fantastic for passionate Tomb Raiders such as myself, for it has been the time when my :)incredible games have become available for all to play and enjoy. It has been said by many that my games are amongst the greatest ever released, a statement I wholeheartedly agree with. :) my present to the tombraider world is my level "Cain tower" I am very pleased to be releasing this game - Cain Tower - for you to enjoy over the festive season. It is a marvellous game and one I worked especially hard on to make it a success. I hope you judge it kindly and give it the positive feedback we all know it deserves.
Have a great Christmas and may you look forward to many more Cain games in the New Year.:)
Have a great time all and don’t eat too much and get fat like me because I am rather fat.:D
Your festive Friend:)



24-12-07, 15:04