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25-12-07, 05:29
You Know, doesn't the soothing music you hear in legend sort of bring back memories of the Classic Tomb Raider games? some of the tracks remind me of The Last Revelation, TR3, TR2 & TR1 & commonly TR: Chronicles. To me, sometimes the music brings back memories, the music feels like it wants me to replay the classic Tomb Raider games again & again. =) :D

25-12-07, 07:02
Not really, I love the soundtrack but is a lot more modern and doesn't give you that chill down your spin that some of the classic music did. But i love the tracks they are great. Merry Christmas!

25-12-07, 08:26
I liked TRL's music but (I just HAD to say it) TRA's music has more variety & TR feel :p

Merry Xmas kooky! :wve:

25-12-07, 15:22
I doesn't remind me of anything :p

26-12-07, 00:46
I loved Peru's bike music...
I remember my mother coming in the room, and i would of asked.. ' Could you kill people with this music?'
'Ditto, shame Lara's still got my body..' :p

Relevant, i know. :D

Tomb Raider Master
26-12-07, 12:37
Err... I wasn't thinking that way.

26-12-07, 12:48
Not really. I can't say anything about TRA's and Legend's music... I turned it off because I found them annoying. Or does that say something?

If someone would show me the Peru bike music and tell me that it was in a TR game, I'd think he's nuts. Doesn't mean it's bad (heck, I have it as my ringtone), but it's not TR at all.

The theme music is nice too, but it's noisy. Don't know how to describe it other than noisy. The 'AAAAAEEEEEAAAAA' yellings in it it and the other loud noises doesn't appeal to me. I much prefer TR1's and AoD's simple, yet memorable theme... it's so beautiful I can't really describe it...

26-12-07, 13:46
It doesn't help the atmosphere at all, but the music is pretty.

I still hate that they destroy the Paranoia with the music, only place I found scary was England TBH.

27-12-07, 20:17
i personaly liked the music alot:)
i thought it realy was atmospheric:D


29-12-07, 22:37
No, it didnt remind me of it whatsoever, the classic soundtrack is and always will be the best.