View Full Version : legend of dragoon...heard of it? need help!

23-08-03, 21:21
Hi. just a question. I need to know about a video game called the Legend of Dragoon for Playstation one. Is it good? Would you reccommend it? Please tell me about the game and as much as you can share. I have been thinking of buying it and I think that they have started to stop selling it so I'll have to buy it very soon and I still haven't decided whether it's worth owning or not.

23-08-03, 23:53
I have that game. I really like it. Its an RPG. The only thing i dont like about it is that if your walking around in a forest or beach or something, animals and other creatures like to make trouble so you fight alot. Just little fights with the local creatures. Sometimes you can run away but other times you cant. You try to but you just stay.Um.. there is this star dust thing. I dont know what they are for. Throughout the game you look at stuff just searching peoples houses and general places and you find a star dust. In the beginning of the game, well, after you get a little through it, there is a woman who you give your star dust to. She doesnt give you anything back. I dont know what the reason of that was. Its a great game. I really do reccomend it.


24-08-03, 21:57
HI Lani! Thanks for the help. Umm this is going to sound sort of stupid but what's an RPG. It that the sort of video game that you go through levels but the levels are like game boards and you have to fight bosses and whatever. I have only played one RPG game and it was mario RPG no offence but I didn't like it.

I played ZELDA: ORICINA something or other for Nintendo 64 ans it was awesome I loved it. Is legend of Dragoon similar to that?

What are the graphics like? are they in 3-D? is it played in first person point of view (ya know like the 007 games) or is it like tomb raider. Please help me cause I'm making my choice tomorrow, I've already got Legend of Dragoon on hold. BYe hope to hear from you, Rogue. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

24-08-03, 23:30
Its more like Final Fantasy