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Light a Flare
09-01-08, 17:20
Hi all,

Yes I am very embarassed about this but I have finally found my first ever relic! The mummified cat in Temple of Khamoon! Having unlocked a new outfit, I was wondering if it is possible to change Lara into this outfit to play in the game. Is it possible? I know it's possible in her mansion but how about the actual campaign?

Thanks for any replies,

09-01-08, 17:23
You can choose a different outfit to wear when you replay a level.

Light a Flare
09-01-08, 17:25
How do you replay levels?


Minty Mouth
09-01-08, 17:26
At the main menu select load game, then replay level.This will take you to a menu where you can choose difficulty and the ouftit you wanna wear :tmb: