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24-08-03, 22:04
Hi! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif
I'm confused. What's an RPG (in relation to video games)? Can someone explain to me what gameplay is like. I need details. Any help at all would be extremly helpful. Thanx in advance http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif . Rogue. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

24-08-03, 22:09
Role-Playing Game. You interact with alot of the characters and theres alot of movies. I don't really like them. Look at Final Fantasy series for more info, thats one of the leading RPGS. :D

24-08-03, 22:23
Hahaha Oh cool well thank you TombRaiderFreaky (like your name ;) ) But in a way aren't all games role-playing ones. I haven,t played final fantasy before but I have played Zelda on Nintendo 64- is it similar to that? Do you know if the graphics for RPG'S are good, or do they depend on the game? The only thing I'm worried about with RPG'S is what the visual aspect of the game in like. Are they filled with worlds that you can play through and discover? I once played Mario RPG long ago and frankly- I hated it because the whole game was like having to go from game board to game board. Ugg decisions, desicions! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

John Falstaff
24-08-03, 22:49
Hi Rogue Eclipse,


Are you really only worried about the visuals for RPG? Or are you worried about other aspects of the Games?

In general they are full of worlds you can explore/discover. There are different styles from real time combat to group strategy/'by turn' combat, and there are different styles of graphics from detailed pixel characters to rather blocky 'Manga', or mock eleven cartoon types.

Can you rent any before buying?

So far, in terms of computer games, I've been pretty disappointed with RPG from what I've seen.


25-08-03, 00:35
Hi Rogue Eclipse http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

My preference is RPG's: played most of the FF series; RE; Primal. Some don't like them due to their being pre-rendered backgrounds (unlike TR which is fully interactive). Graphically, I think they look superb. The game play is involving. AND I can do them. LOL. But you know what I mean.

25-08-03, 00:49
like your user name 2. Final Fantasy X, while it doesn't appeal to me very much, has the best graphics i've ever seen for a video game. I would play it just for the graphics. Zelda is similar to RPG's, i think. i actually feel that Tomb Raider is sort of an RPG, because you take the role of Lara Croft and you interact with some characters. but its more action/adventure/puzzle solving instead.

25-08-03, 01:49
i always tought it stood for rocket propelled grenade!!! :D

25-08-03, 04:25
Final Fantasy is boring...

25-08-03, 06:37
Agreed. I rented Final Fantasy X and got pretty sleepy. 5 seconds of interaction > cutscene > 5 seconds of interaction > cutscene > 5 seconds of interaction > cutscene... ad nauseum.

25-08-03, 07:24
I could feel the love already.....


26-08-03, 00:52
we all feel the love of Zelda :D
alot of peeps i know don't see it as an RPG simply because its realtime and more of a platformer - but most don't realise what rpg when tagged to a game actually means ;)

Zelda - Action RPG
Final Fantasy (or my personal preference Grandia) - Eastern Style RPG
Diablo, Icewind Dale, Fallout - Western Style RPG

not sure what the eastern RPGs started from but the western ones have alot of Dungeons&Dragons and Games Workshop as thier base.

(que all the GW & D&D nerds ;) )

suppose at a stretch AoD's new area strength could be classed as RPG-ish but thats really streching it ;)

although it stands for Role Playing Game, the only games which have been classed RPG and your actually playing a single role rather than a team around a single character is Half-Life & the current MMORPGs like Galaxies, Earth&Beyond and Ultima Online.

on that note, anyone looking forward to World of Warcraft?

John Falstaff
26-08-03, 01:36
Hi Everyone,


Raven, if we're Nerds, so be it!

But D&D, Games Workshop, tunnels and trolls etc: were about game character and persona development and the interaction between those characters. That was why it was so much fun - you could interact with your friends in a different manner, as an offended priest, a lecherous warrior, an honourable crook etc: ad infinitum.

As an umpire in those games I really loved the fact that players would, ALWAYS, think of some way around the problem that you had not (as the ref.) thought of - and as such you had to 'wing it'.

But the so called RPG on video games lack that real charecter development, interaction or spur of the moment creativity. The real blot on the old face to face games was the players who saw their 'character' as just being a bundle of statisitcs, weapons/capabilities or levels. For that type of player their characters were only vehicles, and not persona.

Unfortunately, the video versions of RPG, that I have seen, have picked up on the combat etc: systems. Strength, intelligence, armour class, level etc:. The more worthwhile elements have been either ignored or reduced to the peripheral.
:mad: :mad:

Well Raven, I guess you got exactly the reply you expected.


But as you know, us BOF never change.


26-08-03, 02:18
Level treadmills suck...

26-08-03, 12:59
Also, RPG stands for 'Rocket Propelled Grenade' in military circles...

Kid Vicious
26-08-03, 19:19
hey draco!! u dont seem to like rpgs at all!

26-08-03, 19:22
Everquest ppl, everquest ;)

RPG's, or MMORPG's to be more precise, are like drugs, and i prefer to stay clear of all types ;)

26-08-03, 23:52
Originally posted by Kid Vicious:
hey draco!! u dont seem to like rpgs at all!If they varied more I prolly would like them...

27-08-03, 12:24
When it comes to hogging space next to my PS2, Final Fantasy is Lara's ultimate rival. I think FF is currently ahead by 9 games to 6.

29-08-03, 20:43
WOW. Thanks everyone. That really helped. I wish that I could get my hands on Final Fantasy cause it seems like it's the best known RPG game around. I just bought an RPG game called The Legend of Dragoon and I'm enjoying it. It's addictive though! I find myself either really into it and I'm playing for fun or I'm tired and want to turn it off but I NEED to get to the next save point or I'll have to go through the whole bore again. I guess it depends on my ever changing mood (i'm not bi-polar hehehe http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif )

Thanks for the compliment TombRaiderFreaky! ;)

Hahaha! Rocket Propelled Grenade! well I guess I asked for it! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/flirt.gif

I still like games that are half and half. Although I've never played Parasite Eve I guess that one would count as a half and half sort of game. Half RPG-half Adventure.

All in all I've decided that I like RPG's every now and then, especially if the story line is good. It can get confusing with all the additions and weaponry and stuff. I like straighforward games like Tomb Raider because you just have to find you way to the tomb, ya know.