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25-08-03, 02:28
I have just dug my way all the way back to page 102 to unearth what was going on in days of yore in the unchartered days of early TRF. As in all historical accounts of the golden ages of ancient civilisation I found much to wonder at and much that dismayed.

And so it came to pass, in these earliest of chronicles that the wonder did hit me full force. Of'tlr', himself no mean historian, trawling through the mysteries that we now know as 'internet surfing' to bring enlightenment in the form of: the mysterious 'nintendo' and it's latest ventures; the tantalsing glimpses of the god 'sony' (all bow before); the great 'pc' and all it embodies. That this great teacher continues to bring us such great learning is a wonderous feat. Oh, thank-you, we are not worthy.

But time marches on and so it was that on 28.7.01 I stumbled across a true artifact of the times. An emergence of a 'cult' of followers to the great TRF. The first of these acolytes? None other then the 'Croft Woman'. Others have come and others have gone but 'Croft Woman' has remained a constant figure throughout history as recorded for all time in the pages of these tomes of wisdom.

So where then the demi-gods? Those who have a place in our hearts for all time? The 'Elen' and the 'Draco'. Themselves with their place in history. Purveyors of wisdom and wit? Their story will have to be told elsewhere.

As for me? I got bored and went to bed! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

25-08-03, 21:02
Speaking of people from the past,whatever happened to Chloe and siren??

John Falstaff
25-08-03, 21:27
Hi Everyone,


Very Funny Tippucat.

Maybe some of these legendary monsters are what Lara will unearth in TR7?

How will Lara deal with the universe threatening ELEN and Draco? Will Lara have double pistols and a magical backpack? Maybe these ancients will be too much for our intrepid heroine?

Find out all in thee next exiting episode of ... (shocking music http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif ) TOMB RAIDER!

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Perhaps somebody could pick up from where I left off....? ;)

Maureen Errant
26-08-03, 21:37
Don't think so Tipp. LMAO. You're doing a swell job of it mate. Keep it up. :D