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13-01-08, 20:13
On TOMBRAIDERCHRONICLES.COM there are multiple patches for TR1 availble such as the :

Tomb Raider Series XP/Vista Multi Patch
Tomb Raider 3D Patch - Matrox (Im assuming for Matrox Cards)
Tomb Raider 3D Patch - Voodoo 2 (Glide version ?)
Tomb Raider 3D Patch - 3DFX (Another Glide Version ?)
Tomb Raider 3D Patch - S3 - (No idea)
Tomb Raider 3D Patch - ATI (ATI cards)

Im using an ATI card on XP ,

i have the TRai so do i have to download the glide versions ?
Do i have to download the ATI patch or is this fixed with TRai?

13-01-08, 20:18
^ Its fixed with the TRAI, when installing it will ask you which version, and also look here how to install TR1, clicky. (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html)

13-01-08, 21:03
cool cool , thanks , yer i was aware of how to install it , just wasnt sure if i needed to download an official patched version because of my hardware

Thanks for the help.