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14-01-08, 23:48
Yep,it's here!The family guy thread!Yay!

Ya know something weird?Family guy is a hit show,and i haven't heard one single thing about it on TRF

Anyway,anyone see last nights episode?With the mustache?Hilarious!

Boat riders:Stroke!Stroke!Stroke!

Peter:Stop mocking me!:vlol::vlol:

14-01-08, 23:59
I LOOOVE Family Guy, but I didn't catch last night's. The last one I saw was definitely a rerun, the one where Stewie's plotting to kill Lois. And Kim Catrall from Sex and the City's on a bed oiling her legs like the Tin Man! :vlol:

15-01-08, 00:00
I thought stewie said stop mocking me lol.

:wve: hi big family guy fan by the way :p

15-01-08, 00:01
Didn't see this ep. where u livin'?

15-01-08, 02:41
lol Finally a Thread for this...

I'm a huge fan seen almost every episode.....

Indiana Croft
15-01-08, 03:25
Family Guy is the best show! I love it!

15-01-08, 06:58
I love the show.Anyone seen the lates episode yet?I've seen it yesterday and it's freaking hilarious.

My fav family guy moment is when Peter tries to breast feed Stewie. :vlol:

15-01-08, 07:16
I luuuurve Family Guy, but I haven't tuned in much lately.

The Freakin' FCC Song was so amazing.

My favorite line- Stewie, while drowning: Ew, a bandaid!

15-01-08, 12:42
There is an existing thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=109043&highlight=Family) already, please continue there.