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Melonie Tomb Raider
15-01-08, 19:18
Ok, finally, I'm able to write more details about my amazing trip! If any of you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the thread I made before I left: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=116328

*deep breath* Wow, I don't even know where to start.

Alright, well I guess I'll start off with before I left. As you can tell by my original thread, I was a nervous wreck. Absolutely scared to death of many different things, like everything seeming different when we were together than on the phone, recognizing each other, awkwardness, etc. I woke up at 1:40 AM to get ready to go, my heart was pounding soooo fast, I was terribly nervous. I took a shower, got dressed, put on my makeup, all the works, trying to look my best of course. lol. By the time I was done with all that, I still had about 45 minutes before leaving, so I went in the living room and watched some tv, even though I couldn't stay focussed. Mom and Dad got ready, and we finally left for the airport. The whole way there Mom and Dad kept trying to give me advice, and tried to prepare me just incase everything didn't work out like I had hoped and stuff. I was a wreck, but I tried to act as calm as I could. Dad dropped us off at the airport, but before we got out, I asked him to pray with Mom and I because I was so nervous. So he did, and that helped a lot.

So anyway, he left and Mom and I went into the airport. It was nearly 5 AM, so it was cold and dark outside, but we went in and started getting our tickets set up and everything. They told us that our flight was scheduled for the day before, it was mixed up, and at that moment I thought we had missed our flight for good, I felt my heart drop to the floor. However, it was no problem at all for them to reschedule us, which was such a relief. Mom and I waited to get on the plane, and she continued to try to prepare me for the worst, I was worried sick. I wanted to be calm about everything though, and somehow, beyond my knowledge, I was able to finally do that. We got on the plane and I felt fine, as opposed to how I thought I was going to feel, like I was going to die. This was exciting too, because the last time I was on a plane I was just a baby, so I didn't remember. The takeoff was sooooo exciting, I had a blast. lol. Once we were ascended fully and were going at a steady pace, I was impatient and anxious, but still remained calm. The flight was only about an hour and a half, but it seemed much longer.

Finally, the time had come for us to land. Surprisingly, again, I was calm. I prayed about it a lot, and I didn't want to worry myself sick, so I remained calm. I prepared myself for the worst as far as awkwardness and things being different goes, so I guess that helped. When we were landing, Mom put her hand on my knee and said, "You nervous?" I told her I was a little, but I could handle it. However, I really startedt o get nervous when we got off the plane. We had to get off outside and walk in, and when we were doing that I said to Mom, "OMG he's probably looking at us!" He wasn't though, because of parking and stuff. LOL! So anyway, we got into the airport, and instantly I looked for him, but realized that only passengers were in that area. I didn't know where he was going to be, so Mom recommended us going to baggage claim. On our way there, she needed to use teh restroom, and I was about to die, I didn't want to delay it any longer. At this point, I just wanted to see him as soon as I could and get the anticipation over with. After she got done, either I called John or he called me, I can't remember, but he told me where he was. So I got off the phone and looked, but it was confusing, I couldn't figure it out.

Mom said we should just go to baggage claim, so we were on our way there and just started going down the escalator when I thought I heard someone call my name. I wasn't sure though, so I didn't react, and Mom got my attention and said, "Melonie, look!" and she pointed at John and his mom. I looked up and recognized that handsome face instantly. He was even cuter in person, I couldn't believe it! :D Despite my prepared efforts to hide my shyness, I acted what comes natural to me, extremely shy. We were going down the escalator at this point, and John and his mom started going down behind us. Once we reached the bottom, I gave him a hug, but it wasn't as long of a hug as I would have thought, because I was soooooooooo nervous! I wanted to get a real good look at him, but I was so shy, when I did look at him I only could for a little bit before looking down. lol! :vlol:

After that, we went to baggage claim, and John was such a gentleman and took my bag for me. On the way out he opened the doors for me too, which was just the sweetest thing ever. :D Our moms hit it off AMAZINGLY! I couldn't believe it, given the fact that they didn't know each other at all, but they had so much in common. The airport we landed at was about an hour and a half away from their house, so I was prepared for a long trip back. We stopped by mcDonalds for breakfast, and I was too shy to eat in front of him, but I managed. :p When we got back in the car, I got my psp out and started playing SSX On Tour. He wanted me to play while he watched at first, but then he started playing and I watched him. I was amazed at how soon it took for us to start adjusting to each other. We were sitting in the back, with the middle seat empty between us, but I put my feet up on the seat I was sitting in and leaned accross the middle seat so I could watch him. I felt comfortable being closer to him like that, which might not seem like a whole lot, but it was for us anyway. We were listening to our moms talk their ears off, and we'd laugh at some of the stuff they said.

Before going home, we stopped at the mall. Our moms went together, and John and I went our own way and looked around. He said he wanted to go to the end of the mall and show me everything from there. So we walked around the mall, then when we got to the end, he asked to hold my hand, which was incredibly sweet. :D So we held hands, and it was so special. I felt much more comfortable with him when I was holding his hand then when I wasn't. He was such a gentleman too, he asked if it was too soon for me to hold his hand, and I said it wasn't, I wanted to. We walked around for a little bit, and he asked me what he looked like in comparison too his pictures. I told him that he looked like his pictures, but even better, and I hugged his arm a little. We were so shy. LOL! He was laughing out of shyness, it was the cutest thing ever. Speaking of his smile... OMG! He has the most amazing smile I've ever seen in my life, even Mom kept on mentioning it to me. I love his features, he's so perfect. The best way to describe my impression of him was that he was sooooo handsome, cute, and adorable, all wrapped up into one wonderful man. :hug: What stood out even more than that was his personality, WOW! I knew he was a good guy from talking on the phone with him, I could tell. He has a great heart and he's just a really good man. However, there was a lot about him that I couldn't get just off the phone. Seeing him in person made me able to see so much more what kind of person he is. Having that said, he's the sweetest, good hearted, wonderful gentleman ever. I never knew even half of how good of a man he really is until I met him. I'm so speechless about it, I don't even know how to describe it. He was such a gentleman the whole time I was there, never pushed me to go too fast, he made me feel comfortable, I'm just amazed at him, and I look up to him as a person so much, I never knew half of how good of a man he really is until I met him. I'm so amazed by him.

But anyway, I went a little off track. lol. We looked around at the stores in the mall for a while, then started to go back to his house. I met his dad, and he's a really sweet guy, I liked him a lot. John showed me some games on his computer, then played guitar for me. Which, by the way, he absolutely pwned! After a little bit of that we went out to dinner with my mom and his parents. It was a lot of fun, but John and I were really shy around them. It was getting a little later, and Mom and I had been up for so long, so they dropped us off at our hotel. Before I went to bed, Mom startedt elling me about her impressions, and I tried to listen, but mainly what was going through my mind was how wonderful John is. :D Like a gentleman, he asked my mom if she was ok with him taking me out the next day, and she said it was fine. I couldn't wait!

The next day, Sunday, fiinally arrived. I woke up early and prettied myself up the best I could, and before I knew it, he was knocking at our hotel room door. I told Mom I was going with him then, and we held hands and went out to the car. We had plans to go ice skating, but first we had to kill some time, since skating sessions were not open yet. We ended up going to best buy and played some guitar hero 3 and rock band, he was the drummer. :p It was a lot of fun, we had a good time. After that we went to Barnes and Noble for a little bit, but then went to the rink to go skating. I was nervous, because I hadn't been ice skating since I was about 11, but I was excited at the same time. I didn't want to hold on to the guard rail the whole time either, that's just wimpy. :p LOL! I managed to get the hang of it, and he said I did really good, so that made me happy. :D We held hands, and he caught me when I almost fell. :hug: Because of him, I never did fall a single time. He works there, so I was able to meet some of the people he works with, and that was nice.

We ended up going home for a little bit after that, I played some demos on his 360, then watched him play PGR. Wasn't too long before we left again though. He took me to Taco Bell, our favorite restaurant, and we ate together in the parking lot of the movie theater. We were laughing nadt alking, it was so fun, and he was sooooo cute. <3 After finishing, we went into the theater, and he got us tickets to see National Treasure 2. We were going to be seated right away, but we had to wait, so we sat down beside each other on two vacant seats. It was cold outside, and the breeze from the doors opening and closing was coming inside, so I was so cold I started shivering. John put his arm around me and I layed my head against him, it was so wonderful. We were cuddled up to each other and he kept me warm. I could feel his heart beating too, and I said something about it, I was in heaven. :hug: We were finally able to get to our seats, and we cuddles up again. Pretty much this whole day, despite the fact that I was having so much fun, I was nervous and even scared. I'm not sure why, but my best guess was because the situation was different, we're used to each other on the phone. I told him I was scared, and he rubbed my arm while I was cuddled up to him and he told me everything was going to be ok. That made me feel so much better.

To be honest, I really don't know much of what happened in that movie, because half the time my eyes were closed. I was so into the moment of being cuddled up with him like that, the movie meant nothing to me. Like I said before, I was in heaven being cuddles up to him like that. He kissed my head too, and that was just the sweetest thing in the whole world. <3

After the movie he took me back to the hotel. On the way up the elevator we hugged each other so tight and never wanted to let go, but we had to when we got to our floor though, of course. :p It was hilarious, he was like, "Oh crap..." LOL! We got to our floor and he held my hand and kissed it. I completely melted inside. <3 <3 We hugged again, I knocked on the door to Mom would answer, then I hugged John yet again and went into my room. From that point I started to miss him so much, I wanted to see him so bad and I couldn't wait to the next day. I went to bed, woke up early, got ready, and he picked me up again. We went to Gamestop and he bought Halo 2 so we could play on coop. :p

After getting to his house, we started the game up, and he got a blanket so we could cuddle on the couch together. It was so wondeful, I love being close to him like that, I never imagined it would be that amazing. I was feeling a little bad though because I knew i was coming down with somethng. Horrible timing too, I never thought I would have gotten sick on any of those three little days I was there. Sure enough I did though, but I did the best I could to hide it. We were so limited on time since we had to leave, my flight was that evening, and the airport was an hour and a half away. Unfortunately, we had to leave. His mom drove and my mom sat up from with her which John and I were in the back. We decided to play PSP some more, but this time I sat in the middle seat, put my feet in the other seat, and layed down against him while he had his arm around me, his hand rested on my leg, and his head rested on my head. He kissed my head again, and we stayed cuddled like that the whole way to the airport. Which made me a little shy, since our moms were right there, but I didn't care.

We got to the airport and had to say our goodbyes. I never wanted to let go of him when I hugged him, and I told him to come see me again. I didn't have much time, because we had to catch our flight, so the goodbye was pretty quick. :( Mom and I got on the plane, and from there we started talking about everything. I was as sick as a dog at this point. LOL! In fact, before i said goodbye to John, I told him, "Dang, I look like a ragamuffin." and he said, "My ragamuffin! :D" LOL! Even though I took the time to fix myself up and stuff, it still looked like I just woke up because I was sick, and my hair was messy from cuddling. :vlol:

So that's the story... The visit was so short, I wish we had more time. John let me take his hoody with me, and it smells just like him, I miss him soooooooo much. I've talked to him on the phone, but it's not the same. I can't wait to see him again, I miss him terribly. He's such a wondeful man, I can't thank God enough for him, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

I want to thank everyone here from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and prayers. I love you guys, you're like my family. :hug: I can't thank you enough for your support and kindness, I appreciate it so much! Thank you.:hug:

Lara Lover
15-01-08, 19:24
YAY! :hug: Glad you had a good time! :tmb: *Goes to read!*

15-01-08, 19:29
I felt akward just reading that.

15-01-08, 19:34
I'm glad everything worked out for you Melonie :tmb:

15-01-08, 19:36
He took me to Taco Bell, our favorite restaurant, and we ate together in the parking lot
My favorite part.

15-01-08, 19:37
I'm really happy for you Mel, seriously it's always awesome seeing something like this truly working out. Wish you all the best ^^

And wha? No kissy kissy? We need kissy kissy!!! :D

15-01-08, 19:38
That's me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like watching a romance film only its for real and cuter. :hug:

Such a breath of fresh air to see something like this.

15-01-08, 19:39
I'm glad you had an awsome time :tmb: !

15-01-08, 19:39
Happy for you Mel:tmb:
And wha? No kissy kissy? We need kissy kissy!!! :D
Come here, my dear:D

15-01-08, 19:45
Oh, wow this is lovely :)
It's a good story! :D He's a lucky man melonie

Shakespeare would be proud :tmb:

Dark Lugia 2
15-01-08, 19:47
I'm glad you had a great time! :D the whole thing sounds so sweet and.. full of wuv :hug:

Capt. Murphy
15-01-08, 19:48
I can't thank God enough for him, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
:o *nods*

15-01-08, 19:49
All that made me go aww XD I'm so glad you had a good time :hug:

15-01-08, 19:53
Aww, I'm glad you and John had a great time. :)

Mad Tony
15-01-08, 19:54
Good to hear this Mel :hug:

15-01-08, 19:58
Good for you, Melonie!

LOL... it sounds like it could be a John Cougar Mellencamp song!

15-01-08, 20:11
I'm glad you had a great time, Mel. :hug:

15-01-08, 20:15
Mel, I think all of us are super pleased with your trip report. I hope Johnny will return the favor and visit your neck of the woods. :D

And wha? No kissy kissy? We need kissy kissy!!! :D

:vlol: Indeed! Seal the deal. :mis:

15-01-08, 20:28
Aww, thanks for sharing, I smiled the whole time reading that.. :D

15-01-08, 20:33
That was uber cute to read!

I'm glad it all went well, it was soo nice to read all that! Glad you loved it :)


15-01-08, 20:44
Glad to know you had such an amazing time.

Just remember-



15-01-08, 20:53
It brightened my day to read this :D Bet ya can't wait 'til the next visit :jmp:

Melonie Tomb Raider
15-01-08, 22:18
And wha? No kissy kissy? We need kissy kissy!!! :D

Nope, no kissie this time. :o I was so shy, not to mention, I knew I was coming down with some sort of sickness, and I didn't want to get him sick. :p

We're taking everything as it comes around though. No rushing things, and he's made me feel so comfortable, never pressuring me to move faster or anything. I'm very happy and can't wait until he comes to see me. He wants to come here next month, so as long as that works out with my fam, it will happen. I sure hope to see him again then, I miss him sooooooooo much! :hug:

Thanks for everything guys, you're the best. :hug: :hug: :hug:

15-01-08, 22:29
I'm glad you had such a good time mel:)


15-01-08, 22:47
True love ftw! :D That is so incredibly wonderful and lovely. He sounds like the biggest sweetheart and Iím so happy for you! That kind of love is so awesome and I hope you guys get to see each other again and have an everlasting relationship.

15-01-08, 23:12
Nice to hear Mel, :tmb: Best of luck to the both of you for the future.

15-01-08, 23:16
Why didn't you stay at his place?, since your mom got along with his, had it been me I would of invited myself round for the night, and what's with the make up?, it's not needed and i'm sure he thinks the same, if he's a decent guy then he wouldn't really care if you had the make up or not, he'll love you no matter... and saves the extra time in the morning...:D

15-01-08, 23:26
So Mel, reading between the lines, you had a crap time and you never want to see him again.

Just joshin'! Glad to hear everything went well and your expectations were well founded. Good on you and I hope the future is as rosey as your last three days.

16-01-08, 00:19
awwww :hug: i'm glad you had a good time :D

16-01-08, 00:43
aaaaaawww is so wonderful to read this :hug:, lovely story, the best for you two in the future :D.

Chiki Mina
16-01-08, 00:46
I'm glad you had a wonderful time, Melonie :hug:. Taco Bell, how romantic :D.

Did you guys kiss or what :p.

God Horus
16-01-08, 01:02
:) Glad to hear you had a good time. :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-01-08, 01:35
True love ftw! :D That is so incredibly wonderful and lovely. He sounds like the biggest sweetheart and Iím so happy for you! That kind of love is so awesome and I hope you guys get to see each other again and have an everlasting relationship.

Thank you darling, you're so sweet. :hug:

You all are so wonderful and supportive, this makes me sooooo happy! :jmp: :yah: TRF really is the best forum EVER, and I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful and amazing community. Thank you for everything. :hug: :hug: :hug:

BTW, John plans on coming here next month if everything works out, so I hope so. Maybe we'll get some pictures. :p We were too shy this time around. :vlol:

Gosh, I love him so much, he's the biggest sweetheart ever! :hug:

@meansizzler. I wear makeup every single day, regardless of whether I go out or not. Of course I wanted to wear it when I saw him too. :D

16-01-08, 01:56
pah makeup, you really don't need it... especially the lipstick, you look better without it...

16-01-08, 02:00
Mod Edit: Was that really necessary?

16-01-08, 02:16
Aww, that's wonderrrful!
I'm so glad to see you
had such a great timmme!

Soma Holiday
16-01-08, 02:33
YAY!! What a wonderful 3 days! haha :)

I'm SO happy at the way things turned out, even though I knew they'd turn out wonderful!! He sounds like a true gentlemen and I'm so glad that you guys found each other and can share such happiness.

I know I would've been SO nervous too. It's really hard to get over, especially at a time like that. haha. I'm glad you guys connected so well in person.

You go girl! :D


16-01-08, 03:16
I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself! He sounds like a good guy, make sure you hang on to him, guys like that aint easy to find these days! it's just a shame you got ill towards the end...I guess it was worth it though

16-01-08, 03:36
I hate to say I toljaso. :D

That reminded me of how it felt when I fell in love with Mr.Myr. And I still feel the same way, all these years later, (except I'm not shy around him in the LEAST now!) :jmp:

16-01-08, 03:52
Quote deleted- DREWY

Get a life weirdo, and I guess the answer to that is an obvious yes, it's a guy thing.... I doubt she was looking in that direction though....

16-01-08, 04:00
Aww! I'm glad you guys had fun Mel :hug:
Hopefully the plans of him coming to see you next month work out alright :)

16-01-08, 04:09
That sounded so amazing =]
I'm happy for you Mel, I hope everything will work out!

tlr online
16-01-08, 07:51
Woah! I just read all that over breakfast! :vlol: Sounds like you all had an awesome time, and I'm really pleased for you both! Onwards and upwards from here! :tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-01-08, 08:10
Woah! I just read all that over breakfast! :vlol: Sounds like you all had an awesome time, and I'm really pleased for you both! Onwards and upwards from here! :tmb:

Yeah, it's a long read. :p :vlol:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your support. :hug:

And of course, I'm very happy to have more responses from everyone else, thanks! You're all the best! :hug: :hug:

16-01-08, 08:34
Woah thats sounds amazing. Glad you had a fantastic time! :D

16-01-08, 10:33
Yeah, it's a long read. :p :vlol:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your support. :hug:

And of course, I'm very happy to have more responses from everyone else, thanks! You're all the best! :hug: :hug:

So now that the ice is broken, "hell or high water" won't keep you apart, will it?

I knew it would turn out great, and maybe it's the "mom" in me, I'm already planning marrying you off and the cyber grandbabies!! :LOL

Alex Fly
16-01-08, 11:14
Awww wonderful story, Melonie. I'm glad you had some good time with John ! :hug:

16-01-08, 12:43
Okay, from the place where I sit it seemed to outclass any of fairytales out there :p Glad it went all good for you both, Mel. :)

16-01-08, 12:59
Awww Mel that sounded like the best three days ever! I'm glad that everything went great! You both sound so right for eachother. Good luck for the future :)

16-01-08, 13:28
Glad it all went well :D

Lara Croft!
16-01-08, 13:29
It all sounded so romantic... although a kiss wouldn't hurt, but if you want to take things slow, ok then! I'm glad it all turned out to be so good!!!

16-01-08, 13:38
I'm a romantic at heart and I have to say (and it sounds so womanly lol!), my heart started to kinda....melt halway through reading that :o (I felt something weird anyway :p)

Glad it was such a great experience for you and John, Mel :hug:

Capt. Murphy
16-01-08, 14:33
I'm very happy for You Mel.

Believe me. He won't think you're any less beautiful without make-up. :D

:hug: Congrats!!!

16-01-08, 14:35
Wow melonie...I'm so happy for you! :hug:

John sounds wonderful...looks like it was a perfect meeting for you! So glad it went well! :tmb:

I had all this fuzzy feeling inside as I read your post...both of you are so lucky! :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-01-08, 15:12
So now that the ice is broken, "hell or high water" won't keep you apart, will it?

I knew it would turn out great, and maybe it's the "mom" in me, I'm already planning marrying you off and the cyber grandbabies!! :LOL

LOL! Awww, you're so sweet. :hug:

My cybermom. Woot! :jmp: :vlol: Thanks for all your help though, you're a huge encouragement. :D

And as usual, thanks to everyone else as well. :jmp: You're all so wonderful, I'm soooo glad to know you all. I'm touched by the fact that so many felt so much emotion just from reading the story. That is so sweet. :hug:

Gosh, I miss him so much. I can't wait to see him again.

Camera Obscura
18-01-08, 01:27
Yay a happy ending!!! When is the sequel? :p

Well it's good to know that your online dating resulted into a real meeting between you two. I hope things continue to work out for you both and make sure you show us some pictures as proof!


Melonie Tomb Raider
18-01-08, 01:37
We were both too shy for pictures. :p :vlol:

He plans on coming next month, so if that works out, I'll try to get some pics. :jmp:

All this has been all fine and dandy, but dang, it super hard in a lot of ways. If I'm lucky I will be able to see him once a month... that's not very much. :(

Chiki Mina
18-01-08, 01:38
Aww, once a month :(. This may sound a bit too soon but have you guys discussed any plans for him to move closer or something?

18-01-08, 01:40
I will be able to see him once a month... that's not very much. :(

Not to mention you talk to him every day, seeing him once a month you should consider yourself lucky..., some of us don't get that opportunity.., The Person I love, well not seen them for over a year....:hea:

Tomb Raider 5194
18-01-08, 01:55
I'm so glad things worked out! Best of wishes! :tmb:

18-01-08, 02:01
Mel, I can't tell you how happy I am right now! I am glad it all worked as you planned, and it seems like you truly found your soul mate. You seem to have so much in common with him and that is just an amazing thing to hear. John sounds to be an awesome person, and since I got to know how much of a sweet and great person you are, I see that God truly put him on your path and you deserve that kind of happiness. Well, from now on it'll just get better, and I truly hope your relationship with him turns out to be an everlasting one. I'm very very happy for you. :hug: :hug:

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-01-08, 02:15
Matheus, you're so sweet! :hug:

Thanks so much for all your kind words. :hug: :hug: You're a great guy yourself, and in due time, God will lead you to the girl he made for you. :D

Thanks again, Matt. I'm so glad to have met you, you're an amazing friend. :hug:

God Horus
18-01-08, 02:23
I hope you get to see him again soon! I know exactly how it feels when you have someone special. you feel so special, and like your the luckiest person in the world. Really Nice! :)

-thanks again for the voiceovers, they go GREAT in the level. :wve:

18-01-08, 02:32
Matheus, you're so sweet! :hug:

Thanks so much for all your kind words. :hug: :hug: You're a great guy yourself, and in due time, God will lead you to the girl he made for you. :D

Thanks again, Matt. I'm so glad to have met you, you're an amazing friend. :hug:

Yes Mel, I hope you are right. Only time will tell. Thank you so much. I'm glad all of this is happening for you right now. I'm super glad I met you too:).

And of course, you are an amazing friend as well! :hug:

Chiki Mina
18-01-08, 02:35

Doesn't matter where you met him. What's important is that you both found eachother. If it's meant to be, it is meant to be. Looks like I will stay in the singles table for a while longer lol. But at least I will be so happy to know that things are going so great because it is blessed. God bless you :hug:.

18-01-08, 02:43
Aww Mel! I'm so glad it worked out for you! :hug:

18-01-08, 02:46
Amazing, it sounds like a perfect meeting, congrats. :)
I really hope all goes well with you two. I mean it because the part where you talk about the seperation really touched me.
Here's why:

I once met up with a friend I also had met online originally, it was an absolutely dreamy night.

We never met again since then because we live very far from each other and didn't have any time or opportunity for another meeting. The relationship grew colder and colder since then and I suffered a lot for it because I really liked him (I think I was possibly in love).

Now he's coming to Lisbon in February for a 30 Seconds To Mars concert he wants to go with me. We already have tickets so it will happen. I find myself NOT wanting it to happen though. I don't want to feel anything for him ever again, and having to deal with the separation.

These types of relationships are so incredibly problematic... I really hope everything goes well with you two.

23-01-08, 20:43
I am a bit late I know, but i am truly glad it went well for you! I could feel myself getting anxious reading that, at the part when you were getting off the plane! LOL! It is all a very bizzare situation and I am glad it went well, and that you were brave enough to do it! I think you ended up ill on the holiday though, probably because of the stress you had been through.

23-01-08, 21:29
I'm glad to hear everything went well. :D
I think John sounds like a really nice guy too, and I agree with Genocide. Guys like him aren't easy to find. :)

23-01-08, 22:05
Awwww, Mel, I'm so happy to hear things went so wonderfully for you guys. I read your entire post and that's incredibly sweet! It sounds like you two are really really happy together, that's awesome! I'm glad things weren't too awkward for either of you either. Like I had told you before in your last thread, me and this guy want to meet up soon too, and this just makes me feel a whole heck of a lot less nervous about it, lol! :D

23-01-08, 22:31
Its beautiful, its got me in tears, Good luck Hun :hug: :hug:

Melonie Tomb Raider
23-01-08, 22:51
Its beautiful, its got me in tears, Good luck Hun :hug: :hug:

Thanks, hun. you're so sweet. :hug:

@illuminati. Thanks for lal yoru advice earlier, I was thinking about all of that when I was on the plane. :D And yeah, shame I got ill too, bleh! Hopefully that won't happen again when he visits next month. :p

@Alive and Funky. Thank you. :hug:

@Alyssa. I'm sooo glad I could be of some encouragement to you. I know first hand how nerve wracking and scary it can be under these circumstances, but when things finally happen and you meet, you're going to be really surprised at how all that worrying was for nothing. I worried so much and dealt with all kinds of problems because of it, and for no reason. Sure, when you meet, you will be terribly shy (at least I was), and it might even be scary for a little bit, but over all everything works itself out and it's as smooth as butter. The absolute best advice I could possibly give is to NOT worry. I can't stress that enough. Take it easy and light hearted, worrying will get you nowhere except for stress and illness. Have fun with the whole situation, it's an adventure. :jmp:

I can't wait to see John again. I'll try to get pics next time. :D

23-01-08, 23:09
@illuminati. Thanks for lal yoru advice earlier, I was thinking about all of that when I was on the plane. :D And yeah, shame I got ill too, bleh! Hopefully that won't happen again when he visits next month. :p

;) :D

23-01-08, 23:27
Wow! Glad you had a blast! :tmb: :D
That was such a descriptive way of writing the story! I really enjoyed it (funny, too).
Wish you all the best with your guy! :wve:

24-01-08, 03:21
So when's the wedding? I want some cake!

Melonie Tomb Raider
24-01-08, 03:30
ROFL!!! :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

I'll get back to you on that one. ;) :p