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16-01-08, 03:19
Am I the only one who noticed that the dating shows like flavor of love, ILNY , and rock of love are really the same? They pick the person and at the re-union there not together anymore. And that happened with all 3 of them. Even Tila Tequilas show. Now they all having/had a 2nd season. Usually people from the first come back. But they stay together at season 2's re-union :rolleyes: and now theres flavor of love 3.

16-01-08, 03:20
those shows all turn out to be crap anyways.

16-01-08, 03:25
I will admit I have watched this trash before. Its always on when I work out. All of the girls in Rock of Love look like they have AIDS
You know he boned all of them when they were there right? Also, New York's tits are so gigantic, what happened to subtlety?

Chiki Mina
16-01-08, 03:27
Those people have STDS written all over.

16-01-08, 03:30
wow, imagine that. Reality TV sucks. Who knew?

Evan C.
16-01-08, 04:06
Reality Tv....Yes,sure.

16-01-08, 04:22
they seemed very cheesey from the start. and now that they all have second seasons now, i'm very unconvinced. :hea:

16-01-08, 04:27
Those people have STDS written all over.

Got that right. New York is way to slutty for my liking.

16-01-08, 04:32
Those people have STDS written all over.

:vlol: Never has a truer word been spoken!

Yea, after you see one real world, you've seen them all. Though I admit to watching the first couple of Surreal Lifes.

16-01-08, 04:37
New York Is In The Mother ****ing House! :jmp:

They pick the person and at the re-union there not together anymore.

New York and her latest choice Tailor Made are still together :)
I heard there engaged. Finally New York found herself a man with money that loves being bossed around.

I personally love the shows :)
People are always so quick to write the word Hoochie or slut on the girls on these shows, When really some of them are really very cool. Jess (Rock Of Love), Saaphyri (FOL:Charm School), Goldie (FOL), Amanda (A Shot At Love) etc. etc.
Watching woman/men fight over someone is a ton more fun then watching botox injected housewives walk around there neighborhood gossiping, Or a group of people on some island spending like 4 seasons trying to find a way off :vlol:

Caaan't wait for FOL season 3 :jmp: