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16-01-08, 19:48
Guess who's back? :D

Yes, it's Michael Jackson.

25 years ago Michael Jackson first released his great 'Thriller' album. It's the biggest selling record in the history of music. Now, 25 years later, he returns to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of 'Thriller'. But this time, he is going to start his comeback not only with new music but with a new version of the album. It will be out on 8th February.

'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' will be the first single on the US market with support by Akon.

'The Girl Is Mine" will be first single on the european market with support by Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas.

There will also be new versions of Beat It (with Fergie), Billie Jean (with Kanye West), and P.Y.T. (with Will.I.Am). Last but not least there will be a previously unreleased track called "For All Time". The music is merged by the King of Pop himself.

The brand new album with completely new stuff will also be out this year.

I want to know what you think about his comeback. Is there anyone who still likes his music? Or did you never like his music?

16-01-08, 20:05
...I thought he is in jail without his nose...

16-01-08, 20:39
He scares me and I can't stand his music.

Creative idea to redo the Thriller album, though.

16-01-08, 22:27
Thriller video was like a horror movie to me. My cousin used to tell me one would wake up with a corpse on our beds, if we would listen to Thriller when passing by a graveyard. I had nightmares with the damned thing! 8(

16-01-08, 22:30
I love thriller, but I'm mnot a fan of remakes :o

16-01-08, 22:40
but I'm mnot a fan of remakes :o
Liar, I've seen you on Anniversary forum! 8P

16-01-08, 22:44
^ Hee hee :p

I was like 8 when I first saw the werewolf video.
I just thought Michael Jackson in that vid was the coolest thing since Star Wars.
Now though, meh.....

Chiki Mina
16-01-08, 22:47
Well, I am fan of MJ when he was, erm, black. Thriller, Billy Jean. But a remake? Don't think so.

Maybe he'll have 12 year old boys zombies.

16-01-08, 22:48
Warewolf?... I call it undead. *shivers* I don't remember how old I was, but if it started playing in Europe at the same time as in the States and it has been 25 years... I was 3! 8'( How come they didn't have M ratings back then, eh? I mean, it was on prime hour national tv. Eek!

Sir Croft
16-01-08, 22:49
...I thought he is in jail without his nose...


16-01-08, 22:56
Well, I am fan of MJ when he was, erm, black. Thriller, Billy Jean. But a remake? Don't think so.

Maybe he'll have 12 year old boys zombies.
.............try a lot younger :mis:

Chiki Mina
16-01-08, 23:13
.............try a lot younger :mis:

Potty trained? :D

17-01-08, 00:49
Well, that's good news for my friend! She loves MJ! lol. :p

17-01-08, 03:45
Remaking the Thriller album is a bad idea - especially if you're gonna remake it with half of the Black Eyed Peas. What is Michael thinking?

Actually, I don't want to know...

17-01-08, 03:55
Thriller was pretty much the perfect album for it's time. I don't see how you can do anything to improve it. You can only partially dismantle the aura. Sounds like a bid to milk a bit more cash from an old cow.
I can just imagine MJ doing Billy Jean, with Kanye West accompanying him with a rap chorus - distinctly no thanx from DREWY.
I rather drill thru my eardrums with a slow woodbit.

And ease up on the little boy references please guys :wve:

17-01-08, 05:44
...I thought he is in jail without his nose...


17-01-08, 05:51
I heard about this I can't wait....

I love all of MJ's Music....

Thriller was an amazing album....

And all the people who are gonna be on the remake I love too...:jmp:

17-01-08, 14:10
I think people should stop making jokes on him at last. I mean no one has an idea what really has been going on in his life. Everyone's just listening to the filthy press instead of making an own opinion. No matter what he looks like, his music is still amazing and no one can deny that he had a big influence. Maybe the music you hear today was once inspired by Michael's music. :p Ecspecially black music and r'n'b. ;)

The idea of recreating 'Thriller' is not to improve the album (it's anyway impossible) but to give it a new touch and start to show younger folks that Michael's still a great artist. It's like preparing time before he comes out with the new album.

By the way, today one new song was leaked, called 'For All Time'. For those of you who are interested in how his voice sounds today, you can listen to the song on BBC radio with the iPlayer.