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17-01-08, 22:47
which game comes to mind? For me it's TRII. There are so many parts in that game that make me jump out of my skin, even though I've played through it at least 5 times.

kill bill
17-01-08, 22:48
Tr2 Ftw!;)

17-01-08, 22:49
Tomb Raider 3, if only for the last levels.

17-01-08, 22:50
TR4... All the undeads and immortal enemies make the game much more scarier... And there are also those ****ing little things called "people eating" scarabs :(

17-01-08, 22:50
TR5! Labyrinth! :eek:


17-01-08, 22:52
TR1: The noises the mummies made - especially when they were hidden around a corner - that deep groaning noise.. Shudder..

TR2: The spider area, and the ambience of the Temple of Xian. Great stuff!
TR2: The eels in the underwater levels!
TR2: The Yeti's!

TR3: The amount of bloody enemies that jump out on you.

TR4: Not many really scary bits in this, though the game rocks upon high.

TR5: Ireland had very creepy ambience! Hanging bodies, darkness, rain, demons..

TR6: Sanitorium: The noises, the music, the BG noises, the camera angles, the enemies, the colours..

legend: .. .. :\

TRA: Can't think of any particular scary bits in this one.

17-01-08, 22:57
TR1 is very scary in some places..

Hearing the mummies before you see them, and not knowing when and where they would jump out from was very unnerving.

Parts of the Greek levels were pretty jumpy aswell because its all so quiet.

TR4 had its scary moments too, mostly its just the dark claustrophobic atmophere.

17-01-08, 22:57
I'd have to say lara's wardrobe in Legend really scared me...

17-01-08, 22:58
Tomb raider 2 - This game shook me up real bad when I was 5, the spider cave..... UGH! :(

Tomb raider 5 - Ugly demon thing ftw :pi:

Tomb raider 6 - Brother obscura :(

17-01-08, 23:05
The giant spiders, and the yetis in TR2 were quite scary!
It was dark too!

17-01-08, 23:06
AOD. Anytime the camera gets inside Lara's model or Boaz's. The first time I looked at the screen and faced Lara from the inside out, I even scared my cats off with screams.

17-01-08, 23:48
Tomb Raider 2...still scares me lol :p

17-01-08, 23:50
The Whole Ireland Level In Chronicles

Indiana Croft
17-01-08, 23:52
The creepy moaning in the background all through Egypt in TRA. Then one of those cat mummies jumps out! Freaks me out just a tad;)

17-01-08, 23:53
TR5. Ireland levels. Little imps! The minotaur.

The Sanitarium levels in TR6. I moved Kurtis into a room to retrieve a key and one of those monster came in the door behind me. I just about **** myself.

99% of TR4.

18-01-08, 00:51
Anni Egyptian sounds! These 'Huuuush... ashhhh' or something :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-01-08, 00:56
Either TR2 or TR3 scared me the most, not sure which, it's a toss up.

18-01-08, 00:58
For some odd reason, the sound the gorillas in TR1 made creeped me out. Altogeth though, TR2 was the creepiest.

18-01-08, 00:59
After recently playing it, I was shocked when I realized that after all the multiple replays of TR2, I STILL jump and even scream in the spider cave of Temple of Xian. That has got to be the single most terrifying room I ever played in any game. Maybe it's cause big spiders are one of my main phobias though.. :o

18-01-08, 01:23
AOD. Anytime the camera gets inside Lara's model or Boaz's. The first time I looked at the screen and faced Lara from the inside out, I even scared my cats off with screams.
hahahahaa, the same happened to me when i saw lara's insides :p

18-01-08, 01:25
TRII...that damn spider cave

18-01-08, 01:33
TR3 - The Shiva statues of Temple Ruins, and the crawling mutants of RX Tech Mines

18-01-08, 10:48
TR1: Atlantis - pulsating walls, skinless mutants, those unearthly screeches I mentioned and of course creatures waiting for you just around the corner...

TR2: So many jumpy moments and situations which induce fear.
Tibet had that infamous Yeti room where you were in complete darkness and all that you could hear were the screams of yetis. Cut to turning on the lights and they're all rampaging towards you!

Who could forget the spider cave in Temple of Xian?

And also what about floating islands? that fantasy element which made anything seem possible. Just that very concept made me wonder what was going to happen next.

And finally Home Sweet Home. Racing to the gun cupboard to pick up as much ammunition as possible before the mafia reaches your bedroom to take the dagger from you. The shear sense of panick and vulnerability of being in your own home and unarmed/with very limited items really came across I think.

TR3: Plenty of jump out of your seat moments but not so much in the way of scenarios like TR2. I found the Antarctica levels with those mutants a bit creepy and also when you enter that temple room in India with Randy and Rory's bodies both suspended in the air bloody and slashed up.

TR4: My memory is hazier in this game but still I remember the clearly the strong elements of fantasy. The bull that chases you, the skeletons that come alive at random moments, those floaty fireball things that chase you around (oh and those scarab beetles!). There's a lot of being chased around in this game, I think :p

The TR-ish elements were also very strong in this game which heightened any potential sense of fear.

TR5: This game had a few standout moments.
The 3 headed dragon, The laser eyed thing (:o) and those giant hammer wielding people (:o) were all fantasy elements that represented meeting the unexpected.

But I think the levels which everyone will remember in TRC is the Ireland levels. Unarmed, chased by demented demon babies who made a horrendous noise and coming across the undead (the man hanging on the tree comes to mind) featured strongly.

TR:AOD: This game made more of an apparant effort to bring up darker and more disturbing themes but was still not really that much scarier than the TRs that came before it (I believe this was to make the game a T rated game). A murder scene plays out before your eyes and the next few levels have the player on the run from the police. The cautiousness associated with avoiding the police gradually turns to fear as Lara and Kurtis go further into this world of the occult and nephilim. Mutations walk the hallways, undead creatures lurk in Tombs and the ongoing story itself of the monstrum killing people off adds to it.

However, despite this game borderlining the horror genre, this is also the first TR game that seems to feel as if all the best potential jump-out-of-your-seat moments were carried out through cutscenes. I just think something was a bit off but still I think this game is worthy of a mention when it comes to horror elements.

TR:Legend: This game really went all out...to be family friendly. The flashback level did at least see a return to the (semi)playable scenario of Lara trying to escape fluffy. The headed monster in the England levels (and the england levels themselves) was somewhat more tense than previous levels but overall, even the most hardened fans of TR:Legend can surely admit that the game was missing any form of tense, let alone fearful atmosphere.

TR:Anniversary: A return to form of sorts that sees the elements described from TR1 duplicated here...however those elements are evidently watered down. Thankfully, the atmosphere is still there with the fabulous soundtrack. However, this game also seems to be the least immersive when it comes to "scenarios". Most of the potentially exciting scenarios of the game are played out via interactive cutscenes which felt like a cop-out.

18-01-08, 10:54
Tr2 definitely, the sharks and water levels mostly, but the spiders were freaky as well!

18-01-08, 11:03
TR1 - None
TR2 - None
TR3 - Antarctica-Levels,because of the Mutants..:(
TR4 - None
Tr5 - The Labyrinth,because of the Monster in it,and the light is so slow,that you will be so scared!
Tr6 - None
Tr7 - None
TrA - None

18-01-08, 11:27
The whole Legend flashback level was scary, but not in this jump-out-of-your-seat way. Reminded me a lot of one of my favourite movies. (Guess what?:D)

18-01-08, 12:00
I used to always always get scared of the skinless mutants.

18-01-08, 12:22
I was 10 when I played TR1, and it scared the bejeezus outta me! From Egypt on, and even parts of Greece... I was terrified and loving it :D

I don't recall being particularly frightened during TRII or any other game... tense, yes. Somewhat jumpy, yes. Full of anticipation, definitely... but not as flat out scared as I was in TR1.

Tomb of Legends
18-01-08, 12:33
For me the First 3 Tomb Raiders because I watched my cousin play them when I was very young.

When I started Tomb Raider 4 it was creepy.

Chronicles. I think we know what set of levels...

Tomb Raider Anniversary...Egypt. OH! And Peru, the bloody wolves in Mountain Caves diving out from behind walls after creepy barks. Jesus, I hated that.

18-01-08, 12:37
The only TR I have played is TRA and that wasn't scary, the first time the mummies came alive that caught me off guard, but not that scary...

18-01-08, 12:42
TR: 1, 2 and TLR All scared my pants off :0

18-01-08, 12:54
After recently playing it, I was shocked when I realized that after all the multiple replays of TR2, I STILL jump and even scream in the spider cave of Temple of Xian. That has got to be the single most terrifying room I ever played in any game. Maybe it's cause big spiders are one of my main phobias though.. :o

Actually that room is just a modernized version of garden from original Alone in the Dark :)

18-01-08, 13:32
The spider cave, the eels and those t-rexes in The Great Wall imo make TR2 the scariest.
The Labyrinth had me panicking as well. :)

Legend of Lara
18-01-08, 13:36
AOD. The half-dead guy in Bouchard's Hideout was terrifying!

18-01-08, 13:39
IMO, the sacriest part of any TR game is the very end of the Maria Doria level.
Remember when that first sea-serpent jumps out at you? (TR II)



Los Angeles
18-01-08, 15:27
TR5 Ireland, and maybe TR2 The Maria DOria Levels. I think they were really creepy too.

18-01-08, 15:40
Oh yeah, Gallows tree freaked me out too! :jmp:

But really, if you actually come to Ireland there aren't any corpses
hanging on trees all over the place :whi:

18-01-08, 15:45
TR3 - Antarctica. Only ever played through it once. o_o Friggin' mutants.

TR5 - Black Isle. I know it's just trying to scare me, but that dun make it any less horrible...

18-01-08, 15:47
The Mutants in the Mines was horrible too :jmp:

Especially the huge deformed 'RE' style mutant that jumps out from the shadows.


ben croft
18-01-08, 16:19
Tomb Raider 2 and the final levels of Tomb Raider 3.


18-01-08, 16:24
Tomb Raider 2, no doubt about it.