View Full Version : No Water Bug --> SOLVED!!

18-01-08, 18:55
** This thread is for those people having the NO WATER BUG with NVidia 6200 graphics card **

Hahaah I did it!! I had given up already... was going to start saving money to get a new card (I might still do that) when I SOLVED IT!! I tried several thing like overclocking my card and stuffs like that but nothing brought back the water to my TR games. After installing and reinstalling a number of times I gave a last shot.

I had installed the latest driver which you can get here:


So I said, What if I put and older driver, or force-ware (I don't know the difference :p so you can see how lucky I am!) I tried a couple. Here you can find a list for all the older NVidia drivers here:


SO when I installed this one:



Now it says so in the NVidia site that you don't need to keep on downloading the newest drivers IF you have an older card (that's the case). So until I change cards I won't be downloading drivers anymore and stick to my current settings. So if you have the same bug and solve it doing the same thing I did you should do the same. :hug:

I'm just so happy!! :cln:

PS: Guys give me some feedback. Let me know if you where able to solve the problem in your games as well.