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Introducing The Tomb Raider's Handbook!
*cue fanfare of trumpets and halleluja choir*
The Tomb Raider's Handbook is the definitive guide to all your raiding needs, made by yours truly. It'll include information on every trap, puzzle, enemy, locations and artifact ever faced by Lara Croft EVER! Because all this information cannot be possessed by one fan alone, I welcome any additions and/or changes submitted by you, the viewers. It'll also be updated with each new TR game, starting with TRU. I'll be splitting the TRH up into several sections. Stay tuned for "A Guide to Traps":D
A Guide to Traps done by Silver Wolf (Pages 1 and 3)
A Guide to Enemies done by Noodleboy
A Guide to Weapons done by Matrix54 (Page 3)
A Guide to Artifacts done by Silver Wolf (Page 3)
Let’s admit it: we love traps. Heck, we need them. No matter how hard they are, no matter how many times we die, in the end we know that without traps Tomb Raider just wouldn’t be Tomb Raider. If there were no traps, we could just charge down those long corridors, guns blazing Rambo-style. But thanks to traps, the clever raider knows that they must be slow, cautious….unless there’s a 10-ton boulder bearing down behind you.
Hurry! Get to the choppah! HEEYAAARGHHH!!!

“Ok”, you say, “so traps are a necessity. But Silver Wolf, they’re just too hard! Some of them are even impossible!”
Anyone can outrun, out- leap, and generally out-maneuver any trap. All it takes is a little practice, and a little knowledge. Unless you just want to wing it. If that’s the case, go ahead. I’ll let the rest of TRF know how you died a hero, screaming your head off as you run in circles during the Great Wall sequence, cursing the heavens and wondering “Why didn’t I listen to that handsome and daring Silver Wolf?!”, before you get crushed in the spike walls.
For those of you with the common sense to recognize a helping paw when you see one, continue reading. For each trap I’ll include a detailed description, a danger rating, where said trap can be found and how not to die. There’ll also be pretty pictures to look at amidst all these big words. So, let us begin!

Danger ratings:
* * * * * Extremely difficult. A tag team of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake would have a hard time.
* * * * Challenging. Definitely not for the novice.
* * * Moderate. Still an amount of frustration, but the average raider should get by.
* * Easy. My 8-year old cousin with ADD could get by these.
* Boring. Shows a lack of imagination and general gray matter on the creator’s part.Blades

The Wall Blade

http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u307/cjvelg/screen004-3.jpgDanger Rating: * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Great Wall, Venice, Temple of Xian….pretty much everywhere) Tomb Raider III (CoastalVillage)
The wall blade is exactly what it sounds like- a blade on the wall. There are two forms: a straight, sword-like blade attached horizontally (sometimes vertically) to the wall, and a round disc-shaped blade hidden in an alcove in the wall. Both are usually placed at perfect slicing-height, but the fact that they are so obvious makes them easy to avoid. There are usually several sword-like blades placed one after the other, which when activated swing either down or horizontally. The disk-shaped blades are slightly more difficult to see, but they usually activate before you reach them, so unless you’re sprinting down the hall you should be safe. Both blades cause instant death upon contact. To avoid death, simply jump over or crawl under the blade.

The Rolling Blade

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Great Wall, Barkhang Monastery, Temple of Xian)
Tomb Raider III (Temple of Puna)
The rolling blade is a massive circular blade balanced on its edge with two large pointed… things protruding from the center of the blade on both sides (probably for balance, but they inflict damage too). The blade, when activated, will begin to roll back and forth on a straight path. They are usually found on the top of slopes but can also be along level ground. They will either move across your path in front of you or directly at you down a hallway. Avoiding them is simple- wait for them to move away and run. However, they can also be combined with a ledge you need to climb, requiring precise timing so you pull yourself up before the blade returns. The rolling blade causes instant death.

Ring Blades (also known as “Hoola-hoop of Death”)

(Not a single picture available)

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Alexandria and Giza levels)
The ring blade consists of a hallway-size metal ring with about 4-5 blades in its interior. When activated, the blades travel around the interior of the ring while snapping open and closed. They are usually found in small, narrow hallways, blocking you progress. The best way to get past them is to position yourself in front of the ring, as close as you can get, then roll through it when the blades open. Alternately, you can also start several feet from the ring, then sprint towards it and dive through (this requires precise timing or dumb luck). Failure to do either of the above results in immediate death.

Hidden Floor Blades

http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u307/cjvelg/screen044.jpgailure to do either of the above results in immediate death. n sprint towards it and dive throug t, then roll through it when t

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Angkor Wat, Tomb of Semerkhet, Guardian of Semerkhet, some Giza levels)
Hidden floor blades are blades hidden in the floor….imagine that. Usually located around pedestals holding artifacts, they radiate out from the pedestal like spokes on a wheel. When activated (usually by taking the treasure) they snap up and together, slicing through whoever is in their way. These are difficult to avoid, since you cannot see them until it’s too late. If you suspect a pedestal of hiding some blades, immediately back-flip when you take the item. Hidden floor blades cause great damage and/or immediate death.

Hanging-Ball Blades

(Nope, not for this one either)

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (certain Giza levels)
These traps are unique: when activated, a ball on a rope drops down in front of you. No more than two seconds later, four blades spring out from the ball, killing you instantly. The sound of an opening trap door occurs seconds before the ball drops. Immediately jump back and wait for the trap to activate, then crawl under it.

Swinging Ceiling Blade

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (City of Vilcabamba, Tomb of Tihocan, Sanctuary of the Scion, Atlantis, The Great Pyramid) Tomb Raider Anniversary (Tomb of Qualopec) Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Giza levels)
The ceiling blade is a large scythe-like blade attached to a pole that swings back and forth in your path. They are usually hidden in an alcove, but can be seen before they are activated. They take away a large chunk of health, but not necessarily all of it. Timing is the key to getting past them, especially if they are positioned over a jump.

Metal Jaws

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (The Cistern, Tomb of Tihocan, Sanctuary of the Scion, Atlantis, The Great Pyramid) Tomb Raider Anniversary (The Great Pyramid)

Metal jaws are two “double-doors” like metal plates that are serrated on the inner edge. When activated they open and close, creating the chomping effect (Tomb Raider is probably the only game in history where the hallways try to eat you). The slightly modified version in TRA has three of them, lined up one after the other. Again, timing is the key for these. They cause instant death.

Spinning Blades

Danger Rating: * * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider Legend (Ghana) Tomb Raider Anniversary (Obelisk of Khamoon)
Found exclusively in the new Tomb Raider games, these are perhaps the most challenging traps in both TRL and TRA. Placed on both sides of a corridor in TRL, when activated these blades begin to spin rapidly, instantly dicing anything in their way. They are so deadly; the only way to get past them is to push a large block in front of you, effectively jamming them. A bit cheap, but to each his own. In TRA they are for the most part the same, but you need to rely on skill to dodge them, especially when you're hanging off a wall 50 feet up.

Weird Pole-Things With Lizard Skulls

Danger Rating: * *
Found in: Tomb Raider Legend (Ghana)
These weird spear-like traps are also a TRL exclusive. Lining the walls at various heights, these spears shoot forward, and then retract, sort of like the metal jaws. In order to pass through them, stand directly in front of the first row. As soon as those ones retract, go forward. You will pass through the ones in front of you as they retract. The spears cause instant death.

Scythes of DOOM!!!

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (The Lost Domain)
Even if you didn’t like AOD, you have to admit it had some very good traps. This scythe trap is hidden on a crumbling staircase at the end of a lava-filled room. The unwary raider would hurry to the stairs, thinking they have reached safety, only to be turned into bacon bits. In order to avoid this trap, you need to pull a lever that puts out the flames in the statues’ hands that are on the stairs, deactivating the trap.

Swords of Damocles

http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u307/cjvelg/screen002-3.jpgDanger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (St. Francis’ Folly) Tomb Raider Anniversary (St. Francis’ Folly)
One of my personal favorites, the Swords of Damocles are found in Damocles’ challenge in St. Francis’ Folly. They hang from the ceiling, waiting to drop on the unsuspecting raider. In both versions there are tons of them, but the TRI version is, in my opinion, more difficult. When activated, they speed towards you at an angle, like you’re a magnet. In TRA, they just fall to the ground in front of you, making a big thud and pretty sparks. However, the TRA version has added swords that pop up from the floor; simply watch the pattern and go slow to get past these. Both cause instant death, however. Each version has its own strategy for living. In TRI, the best thing to do is move very slowly, watching the shadows on the ground. If you activate one, retreat immediately (but be careful you don’t jump underneath another sword). In TRA, just move slowly and you will never ever get hit ever….pffft. Lame.



Danger Rating: * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (everywhere) Tomb Raider III (everywhere) Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Angkor Wat, probably some other places I can’t remember) Tomb Raider Anniversary (All of Peru, Obelisk of Khamoon)
Darts are, well, darts! Wooden darts that usually line the walls of a corridor. When activated they shoot out of holes in the walls with a puff of air and that distinctive poomf sound. Most darts cause little damage, the exception being poison darts and those found in TRA. Poisoned darts continue to damage you after you’ve been hit; take a medipack to remedy this. The darts in TRA are more like mini-spears. They’re thick, large wooden stakes that kill you almost instantly. The easiest way to avoid them is to use timing, but if you want to be a bit more stylish you can A) Jump over them B)Swan dive over them C) Sprint down the hall screaming and hoping you don’t get hit ala Indiana Jones D) Do a very fancy gymnastic flippy thing in TRA that usually gets you through ok.

Metal Disks

(Image not available)

Danger Rating: * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Great Wall, Temple of Xian, Floating Islands)
Virtually the same as the darts, the only difference is that they’re small metal buzz-saws instead of wooden darts. Use the same method to avoid them as the darts, save for the ones in the Great Wall. Instead, head to your left and use the crevice to shimmy over them.


Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (Natla’s Mines, Atlantis, The Great Pyramid) Tomb Raider Anniversary (The Great Pyramid, The Final Conflict)
This trap is found in both TRI and its remake, but they are very different. In TRI the fireballs are just small globs of molten lava that spew up and cause little damage, but a lot of it. In TRA they are similar to the dart traps, but more deadly. They are positioned the same as dart traps, and activate in the same way except they rapidly shoot several orbs of flaming death. I think they might actually be heated plasma or something. Anyway, avoid the same way as darts.


Spike Pit

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Every Tomb Raider Game Known to Mankind
The spike pit is your basic spike trap. It’s exactly what it sounds like- a pit full of spikes. The pit is sometimes covered by collapsible floors, which can be recognized by the cracks along its surface. To cross collapsible floors, either quickly run across it or jump over it. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself on the same level as the spikes, needing to go forward. Walk through the spikes and you will take no damage. Falling on them impales you instantly.

Retractable Spikes

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Angkor Wat, Burial Chambers, almost every other level)
The retractable spikes are more dangerous than the normal spike pit, mainly because they can remain hidden until it’s too late. Look for floors and walls marked with five pointed star-shaped holes. When pressure is applied to floors with these holes the spikes shoot up and skewer you. Sometimes there will also be hexagonal doorways with star-holes all around. When activated the spikes shoot out, then retract, then shoot out, etc. Wait for the spikes to retract, and then hurry through the doorway.

Spike Walls/ Ceilings

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Great Wall, Temple of Xian) Tomb Raider III (Temple Ruins, Temple of Puna, Lud's Gate)
The spike walls and ceilings are moving walls and ceilings that have spikes on them. When activated, they begin to close in on you, giving you a double dose of danger: being spiked and being crushed. When confronted with the spike walls look for an escape route and take it. This usually involves running as fast as you can, but you also might have to make a tricky jump or climb a ladder. Spike ceilings are usually accompanied with a puzzle or a ladder. You might have to pull levers to open a door to escape, or quickly climb a ladder to reach the exit before the spike ceiling. The key to surviving these traps is to use your head and remain calm.

Glass Shards

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Opera House, Wreck of the Maria Doria, Living Quarters)
The same as a spike pit, only glass shards are used for a more urban flair

"Traps" Concluded on Page 3

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Introducing The Tomb Raider's Handbook!
*cue fanfare of trumpets and halleluja choir*
The Tomb Raider's Handbook is the definitive guide to all your raiding needs, made by yours truly. It'll include information on every trap, puzzle, enemy, locations and artifact ever faced by Lara Croft EVER! Because all this information cannot be possessed by one fan alone, I welcome any additions and/or changes submitted by you, the viewers. It'll also be updated with each new TR game, starting with TRU. I'll be splitting the TRH up into several sections. Stay tuned for "A Guide to Traps":D

Can I help you make it?

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Best of luck, and am looking forward to the first draft. :tmb::tmb:

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I can get past them in two moves.

Swan Dive and Roll.

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That's amazing! I'm really glad you put all this effort into this post. It was a really good read. But one thing that bugged me was the TRL Spinning blades one as the hardest TR trap.

I can get past them in two moves.

Swan Dive and Roll.
I meant in Legend:)

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Wait a second, I never faced the scyths in AoD? I just followed the ladder, jumped the bridge, pulled the lever and jumped down in front of the door.

Is that only on PC?Nope, you deactivated it so you didn't find out the hard way.
Guess I've exceeded my image limit on my first post so I'll continue here:

Flame Traps



Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (Palace Midas) Tomb Raider II (Bartoli’s Hideout, Diving Area, 40 Fathoms, Barkhang Monastery, Temple of Xian) Tomb Raider III (High Security Compound, CoastalVillage, LostCity of Tinnos, All Hallows)
Burners are your basic flame trap. They usually take the form of grates on the ground that emits flames. The most common form of the burner trap is to have them be shut off for a short amount of time, requiring you to quickly navigate the area. The best way I find to do these is to shut off the burners, then wait and see how long you have. Also, scout ahead so you know what sort of moves you’ll need to do.

Swinging Burners

(I’d like to see you do better)

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider III (Lost City of Tinnos)
Swinging burners are large flaming lamps hanging on chains that swing back and forth in your path. Any contact with them results in instant Lara flambé, so while they should be avoided the same as swinging blades, don’t get to close.

Flame Emitters

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider III (Jungle Ruins, CoastalVillage, LostCity of Tinnos) Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (Tomb of Semerkhet, Giza levels) Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (Some level I can’t think of right now)
Flame emitters are all the same: when activated a stream of flame spews out, usually stopping for a few seconds. Any contact with the fire will, of course, result in death, unless there’s water nearby. They take many forms; from stationary statues to creepy heads on long thin necks, to little alcoves that you need to reach into when the flames are off to throw a switch. Timing is the key.

Pillars of Fire

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (Sanctuary of Flame)
Pillars of fire occur in the Sanctuary of Flame when jets of fire and lava shoot up violently from the surrounding lava. They are often accompanied by falling flaming rocks, and the ground beneath your feet may even rise up, smashing you into the ceiling. If you notice a rumbling and shaking, move!


Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Every Tomb Raider Game
Lava, while not really a trap in itself, can be used together with something like collapsible floors to make a dangerous situation deadly. Still, lava can usually be avoided easily, so even though contact means instant death it only gets a three-star danger rating.

Lava Flood

(It’s only in one game, what do you expect??)

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (Atlantis, The Great Pyramid)
A Lava flood is a mound of lava hidden behind a door or something. When activated the lava rushes into the room, which means you’d better get out fast. Precise movement is required when multiple lava floods occur in a small room.


Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider V Chronicles (Escape With The Iris!)
The bomb is exactly what it sounds like. Found only in TRV in the VCI HQ, the bombs are hidden in small cases that could contain either a helpful item or flaming death. The only way to know what’s in it is to open it….unless you use the x-ray machine. Kudos for originality, but what kind of company keeps bombs in cases lying around? What if the janitor opens the wrong one?

And Now For Something Completely Different…..


Danger Rating: * * * * (*)
Found in: Tomb Raider I (Tomb of Qualopec, St. Francis’ Folly, Coliseum, City of Khamoon, Natla’s Mines, Atlantis, The Great Pyramid) Tomb Raider II (Great Wall, Opera House, Tibetan Foothills, Barkhang Monastery, Catacombs of the Talion, Ice Palace, Temple of Xian, Floating Islands) Tomb Raider III ( Jungle, Jungle Ruins ,Caves of Kalya, Temple of Puna) Tomb Raider Legend (Ghana) Tomb Raider Anniversary (Tomb of Qualopec, St. Francis’ Folly)
Ah, the classic boulder. The bane of all raiders. If there’s one thing that strikes fear into a tomb raider’s heart it’s the rumbling earth-shaking sound of a 10-ton boulder right behind them. They’re in almost every TR, in every shape and size; from the classic gray boulder in Qualopec’s Tomb to the Lava boulders in Natla’s Mines, to the Gigantor Twins in Temple of Puna (the thought of those still makes me nervous). With boulders there’s only one way to escape: run like there’s no tomorrow.

Swinging Crates

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Opera House)
Basically, this trap is just a large wooden box attached to a rope that swings back and forth with an ominous creek-criik. Get in their way and not only will they do considerable damage, they’ll also send you flying. Wait for the right moment to bypass these, especially if they’re in the way of a jump.

Swinging Spike Bundles

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Temple of Xian)
The same as a swinging crate, except it’s what appears to be a large terra cotta cylinder with spikes sticking out of it. They may do more damage, I’m not sure.

Sand Bags

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Opera House)
The sandbags are much like the Swords of Damocles: they hang from the ceiling, waiting for some shmuck to run underneath them and get their brains squished out of their skull. The only difference is that they don’t fly at you like a bat outta’ hell.
Look for the shadows on the ground.

The Wrath of Thor

Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I (St. Francis’ Folly) Tomb Raider Anniversary (St. Francis’ Folly)
The Wrath of Thor (I know that’s inaccurate but it sounds better than the Wrath of Hephaestus) is a double feature in Thor’s/ Hephaestus’ challenge. First you get the disco ball of doom that shoots lightning at you, and then you get the giant hammer trying to nail you into the ground. In both versions of the Wrath the lightning strikes in a pattern, although it’s difficult to see it in TRI (I recommend running when the lighting strikes, then stopping) but you should mainly avoid the metal plates. The hammer requires you to put yourself in danger; stand on the special plate and wait for a click. Leap away immediately.

Atlas’ Globe

Danger Rating: * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider Anniversary (St. Francis’ Folly)
Basically a very large boulder trap, Atlas’ Globe is a giant metal earth that comes tumbling at you in Atlas’ challenge. Run like hell and get across the giant pit before it does.

The Hand of Midas

Danger Rating: * * * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider I and Anniversary (Palace Midas)
Possibly one of the best moments of TRI/A is when you step onto the giant stone Hand of Midas and turn Lara into gold. It gets my vote for most creative death. I give it a five-star danger rating because no raider can resist stepping on it at least once in a play through.


Danger Rating: * *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Tibetan Foothills, Catacombs of the Talion, IcePalace)
All it is is several large icicles hanging from the ceiling that fall on you. Eeeeek. Scary. Just go around them.

Swinging Chains/ Moving Hooks

Danger Rating: *
Found in: Tomb Raider II (Offshore Rig, Diving Area) Tomb Raider III (Area 51) Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (The Lost Library)
No offense to any of you chain fans out there but this is the worst trap ever thought of, in my opinion. It’s a giant bronze chain or hook waving back and forth, clinking ominously. Now there’s some creative juices flowing.


Danger Rating: * * *
Found in: Tomb Raider III ( Area 51)
That’s right. A missile. In Area 51 you launch a missile to solve a puzzle, but you also have to out run the giant fireball that comes from the launch. Make’s you wonder what you just blew up…

Well, that's Traps everybody. Hopefully next time you find yourself caught in a three-way with a boulder and a spike wall you'll think, "What did that dashing Silver Wolf tell me to do?" And then you'll remember that I never said anything about a boulder-spike wall combo, and you'll curse me with your dying breath. Stay tuned for more additions to The Tomb Raider's Handbook!

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the next section should be enemies. but it should be grouped into: animal, human, neither.

ie, TR1 was 75% animal 20% human 5% unknown

you should also give tips on how to beat them, ie the stone warriors in TR2 Floating islands.

etc, etc, you get the picture :D

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I believe I handed enemies over to noodleboy, so it's on him.

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Lara Standard weopon from tr1 through 8, all being different types. Should Be a last resort, or 1st choice for pro's.
TR1: Brownings
TR2&3: Colts
TR4: Desert Eagles
TR5:Colts(Rome and Russsia), Desert Eagle(VCI cutscene)
TR6: Vectors, Boran-X,Handgun
TR7&8: Daul HK USP Matchs
TRA: .45's

Usually the second weapon wopeon of choice for pro's and the gun you should turn to if you don't want to use anything else. Ammo is qite plentiful.
TR1&2: Pump action Shotgun
TR3: Spas 12, no stock
TR4&5: Pump Action Shotgun
TR6: V-packer
TR7: Assault Shotgun
TRA: Pump Action Shotgun

Sub Machine Guns
Just a bit of fun to use. Medium power, and ammo isn't too hard to come by, usally.
TR1&2: Daul Ingrams(Though they're called uzis)
tr3: Daul Ingrams(Though they're called uzis), MP5
TR4&5: Uzis(thought hey look like Ingrams), HK rifle
TR6: Submachine Gun, Scorpion-X pistols, Viper smg
TR7: MP5
TRA: Mini SMG(ingrams)

Usually the most Powerful non-explosive weopon. Ammo is usually rare, so use with care.
TR1: Daul Magnums
TR2: Automatic Pistols
TR3: Desert Eagle
TR4: Revolver
TR5,6,A: Desert Eagle

Pretty much do what they're meant to do, blow stuff up. The strongest weapon(s) in game.
TR2: Grenade Launcher
TR3: Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher
TR4: Grenade Launcher
TR7: Grenade Launcher, Grenades
TR8: Grenades

Assault Rifles
This is a special class of gun Lara Won't find in every game, but it does occur more and more, ammo being rare enough.
TR2: M16
TR7: Assault Rifle(appears to be a M4-A1)

Projectiles type, other
Stuff that lara throws, or uses a gun to help throw or uses otherwise
TR2&3: Harpoon gun
TR4: Automatic Crossbow(based on appearance)
TR5: Sling shot(ireland-not really used but it counts), Grapple Gun
TR6: Melee Combat
TR7: Kick
TR8: Melee Combat, enviornmental objects

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ooh, very nice, thanks matrix! could a moderator come along and organize all this? Like, get it all on one page?

A Guide to Artifacts
“You never buy me anything nice”
In Hollywood it’s called the MacGuffin; the point of all this shooting and jumping and general raiding. The object of Lara’s desire. The Artifact. Again, like traps, without it Tomb Raider just wouldn’t be Tomb Raider. We’d be going after Pick ‘n Save discount coupons if it weren’t for the artifacts. Many of them possess mysterious powers, some of them dangerous. To avoid misusing the power of the artifacts (jumping around like an idiot trying to turn into a dragon in Lara’s home) read on to get all the information you need about the artifacts of Tomb Raider.

The Scion of Atlantis

Found in: Tomb Raider I/ Anniversary, Peru, Greece and Egypt
The Scion of Atlantis is a mysterious Atlantean artifact that holds much power and information. It is split up into three pieces hidden in the tombs of the three rulers of Atlantis; Tihocan, Qualopec and Natla. In Tomb Raider I/ Anniversary Lara is hired by Jacqueline Natla of Natla Technologies to go and find the pieces for her. But surprise surprise! Natla goes and double crosses Lara, wanting the Scion for herself to build some sort of Army of the Fugly. This suggests that the Scion holds the power to mutate DNA in the Atlantean storehouse, a giant living pyramid. Lara, known for her dislike of skinless Fuglies, decides to stop Natla the American way: abortion! It turns out that Natla was actually the queen of Atlantis who went mad with power and was banished from Atlantis.
An interesting side aspect is that Natla’s piece of the Scion is found in a hidden city in Egypt that seems to worship the female goddesses Isis and Bastet. This would suggest that after Natla’s banishment and the destruction of Atlantis, some of Natla’s followers fled to Egypt with her piece of the Scion and built a city there, awaiting her return.

The Dagger of Xian

Found in: Tomb Raider II, beneath the Great Wall
No matter how you say “Xian”, the dagger of Xian is one of the coolest artifacts in TR. It’s an ancient Chinese dagger imbued with the power of the dragon. Whoever stabs themselves with the dagger will become a giant immortal dragon! Sweeeeet. This power is so cool that, not only did it inspire a totally bogus cheat code; it also inspired Marco Bartoli (Italian mob boss) to go grab the dagger and turn into a giant dragon. Hey, why not? Who needs opposable thumbs, anyway? Unfortunately for Mario-I mean Marco, Lara spontaneously decided to go to the Great Wall looking for a magical dragon dagger. Several levels and a thousand thugs later, Marco finds out the hard way that if a sexy British tomb raider pulls the dagger out of your dragon belly, you melt. I guess it needed a woman’s touch.

The Golden Mask of Tornarsuk
That’s right….it’s REAL!

Found in: Tomb Raider II Gold, Alaska
The Golden Mask of Tornarsuk is a golden burial mask created by the natives of Alaska that has the power to raise the dead. Since Lara wasn’t doing anything, she figured she’d go to the States and find this mask. Maybe she could melt it down and make a few bucks. But once she gets there, she’s disappointed to find that a whole team of prospectors have already begun excavation on the mask. They look an awful lot like Marco’s cronies; maybe they wanted to revive him? They also have the funniest death scream in TR history: “GAAAH! HOOL-DE-GAK!” Gets me every time. Anyway, Lara has some help this time, from warriors made of ice. But they won’t do spit against Bigfoot and a giant buff chicken that’s mad as hell because you stole it’s golden mask. TRII Gold features some of the coolest levels, including the Furnace of the Gods.

The Meteorite Artifacts

Found in: Tomb Raider III, India, South Pacific, Nevada and London
The Meteorite artifacts are four unique statues carved out of a rare rock found only in a meteorite that crashed in Antarctica. This rock seems to have some funky space voodoo, because it can mutate you, give you super powers, or make you beautiful and immortal forever. It also seems to be able to summon giant green lizards, and one thing all the artifacts can do is zap you with blue energy. Lara finds the first stone, the Infada artifact, in India. Afterwards she’s hired by Irish scientist Dr. Willard to find the rest of the pieces. But of course he goes bad, escapes into a mine in Antarctica that’s full of mutated people who strongly resemble John Carpenter’s Thing monster, and finally mutates himself into a giant bug-guy in the Lost City of Tinnos. Lara takes him down, shoots a helicopter pilot who’s feeling her up with his eyes, and escapes into the proverbial sunset. The End. OR IS IT??!!

The Hand Of Rathmore

Found in: Tomb Raider III Gold: The Lost Artifact, some weird 4th dimension
The Hand of Rathmore is another of those pesky meteorite artifacts. Carved into the shape of a hand (odd) it has the power to…float dead people….make red light come out of dead people’s eyes…..and shoot green goo. Oh, and it’s radioactive. Why do people want these things?? Anyway, it seems they do because the Natla of TRIII, Sophia Leigh comes all the way back from the dead to get it. Lara catches up with her, gets transported to Oz, and is rescued by the Wizard in his hot air balloon. Weirdest. Tomb. Raider. Ever.
It’s Thriller!
The Amulet of Horus

Found in: Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, Tomb of Seth in the Valley of the Kings
The Amulet of Horus is a golden ankh with a giant ruby in the center. Horus, the god of light, used the amulet to lock away Seth, his evil uncle. But Lara just can’t control her sticky fingers, and before you know it she has the Amulet, Seth is released, and a creepy Austrian guy with a cane is chasing her all across Egypt. Lara goes after the Armor of Horus (there’s always something else) to bring back the only BAMF who can stop Seth.

The Pariapt Shards
Found in: Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness, beneath Prague
The Pariapt shards are three wicked looking daggers that have magic powers. What are there powers? Well, if you stab a guy in the head with one he goes all electric-like and blows up. Cool. The Shards were held by a secret organization known as the Lux Veritatis, or the “light of truth”.

Obscura Paintings

Found in: Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness, the Louvre
The Obscura paintings are five 15th century paintings that contain the work of Black alchemic magic. They were hidden by the Lux Veritatis so no one would use their power to resurrect the Sleeper, the last of the Nephilim (an ancient biblical super-race).


Found in: Tomb Raider Legend, Peru, Japan, Kazakhstan, England, Nepal
Excalibur is the name given to King Arthur’s mythical sword, but the sword is actually a much older item than medieval. It acts as a key that opens a portal to another world, which could be anything from Avalon to the Underworld. It also has super-destructive powers. Lara goes after the pieces to open the portal, so she can find out what happened to her mother.

The Iris

Found in: Tomb Raider IV, Tomb Raider Chronicles, Cambodia and VCI
Little is know about the Iris, except that Von Croy wants it. It appears to be a very powerful energy source.

The Jade Cat

Found in: Tomb Raider Unfinished Business, Egypt
Just a jade statue that captured Lara’s attention while in Egypt. She simply must have it!

The Spear of Destiny
The Real Thing
Found in: Tomb Raider Chronicles, Russian submarine
The Spear of Destiny is the legendary spear that pierced Jesus’ side while hanging on the cross. His blood flowed over it, giving it immense powers. Whoever holds it will be invincible, but if they lose it they die. Lara races against a Russian general to recover the spear from a sunken submarine.

The Philosopher’s Stone

Found in: Tomb Raider Chronicles, Rome
The Philosopher’s Stone is a substance made through alchemy that turns any metal into gold and creates the elixir of life. Lara goes to Rome to find it, but is slowed down by Larson and Pierre.

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Good job keep it coming:D

20-01-08, 06:30
Great job so far. Just two corrections - Dr. Willard is actually Scottish, not Irish, and the Obscura Paintings themselves didn't have any power. Their only purpose was to hide the five pieces of metal that formed the Sanglyph (the bronze disc Eckhardt had forged in the cutscene prior to his fight with Lara)