View Full Version : Sweeney Todd

19-01-08, 01:35
Anybody seen it? It's my favorite movie ever. I have to say I don't really like musicals, but this was amazing. I recommend it.

19-01-08, 01:38
I've been wondering this too! I really wanna go see it :D

lara is mine
19-01-08, 01:40
great movie, slightly creepy :D

19-01-08, 01:48
Oh, bloodstormaoa, you really need to see it. Worth every penny, saw it twice.

19-01-08, 01:56
this seems like an awesome movie, but i don't like musicals or slashers. maybe i'll make an exception...

19-01-08, 02:12
Is it helps, the gore is very fake looking. Also, they sing a lot, but it really adds to the film and makes it great.