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19-01-08, 02:53
Cycle 10 for Americas next top model

And what is unbelievable is if you look on the third page.. a girl named Aimee is on there. And my sister went to school with her in 7th-12th grade when we were living in America! And my sister said she was the prettiest and most popular girl in school. And she hated that girl. It's so weird. I knew her too. And I had to look in my sister's old year books with her! And evidently she was so prissy to me and my sister,

I just though I'd share that with you for those that watch ANTM :wve:

19-01-08, 03:03
I know, Im so excited.

Shes the amy i like this season.

It better be better than cycle 9. Saliesha. Ugh.

19-01-08, 06:53
umm.....didnt cycle 9 end like, 2-3 months ago >.> ?

19-01-08, 18:18
yeah, theyre always close together. was it even two months? theyre called cycles instead of seasons because season implies one a year. these girls do look promising though. Dominique looks like a tyra-coryn-lisa (cycle five) love child. Allison looks like jaslene, theres one girl who looks like dani. but other than them, theyre all very new.

I dont like marvita, but i feel bad for her.