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19-01-08, 05:28
Do any of you have something that stops you from greatly enjoying life? I believe I posted a thread a few months ago about my systemic lupus. I tend not to talk to anyone about it much expect my friends and family because I know theyíre truly there for me. I feel that I canít complain to my family much these days because I think I may become a nuisance. Even though theyíre wonderful with the amount of love and care they give to me, especially my mother. Sometimes she feels like she canít complain about anything and I know that complaining to her makes her feel helpless because she canít do anything about it. I will always let her know I want to know what bothers her because she is my best friend. My doctor and specialists show little sympathy to my symptoms. They just perform tests and push the prescriptions. For the last few weeks Iíve been nothing but achy and sore all over. Getting on the treadmill and lifting free weights will just make things worse. These recent flare-ups should hopefully blow over soon since itís been a good while having them. Iím eating lots more fruits and vegetables to feel better. Also I listen to a lot of music, watch movies, and play video games to stay positive. I thank God everyday for my amazing mother because she has always taken care of me. I keep the house clean; do dishes, laundry, everything to try to make it up to her as much as I can. My freelance work has gotten me good money so Iím very complacent about that. Anyway my friends arenít online tonight and I really felt like venting. Iím a strong person but sometimes I just need to open up. There has been a stigma with expressing our feelings online because of uncaring imbeciles. I say ignore their comments because they arenít worth our time or getting worked up over. :) So feel free to say whatís troubling you. Whether itís big or small I promise Iíll listen and wonít turn my head.

19-01-08, 05:36
One thing is stopping me from enjoying life.It's called homework.I agree that homework should be given but it shouldn't be given every day and tests shouldn't be every 2 weeks.That's the only thing that's stopping me to enjoy life.

I hope your condition improves soon.

19-01-08, 05:38
I think homework shouldn't be given during the weekend. The weekend is our time for a break from school I don't want to spend it by doing homework. What is lupus? I've never heard of it. Nothing is really preventing me from enjoying life.

19-01-08, 05:40
I think homework shouldn't be given during the weekend. The weekend is our time for a break from school I don't want to spend it by doing homework. What is lupus? I've never heard of it. Nothing is really preventing me from enjoying life.

It's basically a chronic disease and i some symptoms are fatigue and pain pain joints.

19-01-08, 05:40
Life itself is stopping me from enjoying it:(

19-01-08, 06:00
My friends saying I'm underweight because I don't eat the schools meat, I eat the apples.

19-01-08, 07:14
Andariel, I really enjoyed reading your post because it somehow made you more real to me, and I admire your spirit.

I used to have trouble accepting love, when people I love expressed their love for me, I would clam up and get very uncomfortable and feel sad and regretful. I often fell into deep depressions that would last for months on end. It got to the point where sometimes my own poor self-image allowed me to accept people of low integrity into my life and influence my decisions. This effected the people closest to me, and their decisions as well.

All I can say now, is Thank God we survived all that, but my outlook has changed immensely. At some point something in me snapped and I decided I wasn't going to live like that anymore. Life is much too short not to grab it with both hands and live passionately; easy to say and hear, hard to put into practice. Something inside just has to click. I still suffer from depressions but I haven't fallen into a really deep dark pit for a long time now. But even when I do, I still realize that it's just emotion, and that I'm very blessed in my life, and I guess I don't let the emotion of it control me anymore. Instead I try to live each day with integrity and honesty and compassion, and quit worrying whether I am perfect or whether life is perfect. Life's not supposed to be perfect, after all. I think when I really realized that, I was able to be more open and loving with the people who love me. At any rate, I'm much happier now.

I've never had to deal with chronic pain on the scale you have, and I don't know how it would effect me, but I'm sure it's very difficult to maintain a positive outlook in the face of it. But it sounds like you have a good support system in your mom, almost too good, because you want to be her support in return, and because of that both of you seem to be protecting each other from your own negativity, which is good in a way, but it's good that you have somewhere you can vent as well. She probably needs a place that's safe to vent too.

I'm sure I'd be proud to have a daughter like you.

19-01-08, 14:32
Being scared of loads of stupid things stops me from enjoying life. I have an anxiety disorder.

19-01-08, 14:43
Yeah, Iīm always, ALWAYS bored... Nothing to do, no-one to talk to or do things with... Nothing interests me.
And Iīm always tired and have no energy. Days just pass by slowly... :(

Feels like Iīm waiting for something, in a way...
Iīve been waiting for years.

However, Iīm getting a kitten in a week. :)
I think that will be fantastic! :) A little animal to cuddle with and play with and take care of. :) A reason to get out of bed. :)

19-01-08, 14:47
yeah, I'm dead shy and quiet. Which makes it hard for me to make friends. And you need people and friends to go out and enjoy things together, right? Well that's the perception I have anyway.

19-01-08, 14:49
Lol :p Everyday... It's only work work work work work work work work and .. Oh yeah, work... So I'm working 15 hours a day (outside home) And another 2 - 4 hours at home... The rest of the time I'm sleeping.. Or being depressed of my personal life... *Sigh* Where did the happy Dan go..? :rolleyes:

19-01-08, 15:05
work work work work work work work work

same here :) For me it's good coz it's making me forget about everything

19-01-08, 15:29
Homework and school, I hate it! :hea: