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19-01-08, 16:30
This happen months ago and have been immortalised in my signature below. Basically, my friend and I were talking about things in the world that comes in 7, eg. 7 colours of rainbow, 7 wonders of the world ..etc. when he asked why do we have only 5 senses? And I reply without even thinking,

"We do have more, we have seven; Sense of Sight, Sense of Smell, Sense of Sound, Sense of Taste, Sense of Touch, Sense of Logic and Sense of Humor.."

He was look at me and laughed saying that what i said was funny and quite catchy, while I was thinking to myself where the hell did THAT come from? You see, I have a tendency to speak out random things that can turn out funny or meningful or hurtful but I end up asking myself where the hell did I get that idea.

Anyway, what do you guys think about my er... "theory" about our "Seven Senses"...? :D

P/s: Maybe I should be a stand-up comedian... but I'm a nervous public speaker.. :D

19-01-08, 16:33
lol wow! thats good :vlol::tmb:

19-01-08, 16:33
Well I disagree :p The difference is that logic and humour can not be physically distinguished, and that we do not have physiological receptors for them as we do for sigh, smell, sound, taste and touch.

19-01-08, 16:34
Sense of fear, maybe?

19-01-08, 16:35
I don't know, we do have one extra sense, the sixth sense. And sense of humor is a phrase to say that the person is funny. Sense of logic, never heard of that one.

19-01-08, 16:36
Lol ur random like me i like it:jmp:

19-01-08, 16:38
I agree with punaxe. But you're right about things coming in sevens. Like 7 days of the week... the 7 days in Genesis... etc etc..


19-01-08, 16:41
Hahaha you're peculiar :vlol:

Well I think there's the 5 senses & the 6th sense is present in some people :)

19-01-08, 16:58
well we all have a sixth sense... its our mentality/ brain waves. just that some are stronger than others... seriously!

19-01-08, 17:06
We have over 21 senses.. It was on QI :p