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20-01-08, 03:18
Tomb raider:Underworld replaced future tomb raider games.Since we know what legend looks like,features,and everything,we should still have a future tomb raider games topic.

What u guys think?

20-01-08, 03:24
I think we should wait for the release of TRU first ;)

20-01-08, 03:28
I agree with Beanz, patience young one, patience.:tea:

20-01-08, 03:33
well TRU IS the future tomb raider game. :)

20-01-08, 03:35
well TRU IS the future tomb raider game. :)

TRU is hopefully one of the next TR games.

Ward Dragon
20-01-08, 04:31
I'm sure the "Future TR Games" section will return once Underworld is released :)

20-01-08, 04:41
I agree, it'd be nice to have the actual Future TR section back. But I can live without it for now.

20-01-08, 04:47
It won't be up anytime soon. Cause putting one up is like hinting at a sure coming new game. And I'm positive no other new games coming....TRU isn't finished yet.

20-01-08, 04:58
TRU is hopefully one of the next TR games.

isnt it?

Ward Dragon
20-01-08, 05:05
isnt it?

Yes. I think Kyle was trying to emphasize that hopefully there would be more TR games after Underworld :)

Tthe Spirit
20-01-08, 08:02
Not now.
TRU must be released first.
who knows, what if Lara dies in this one :p :p :p

Then someone comes and goes back in time and brings her alive again :p :p :p

CD seems to like time travelling :vlol: :vlol: