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31-07-03, 01:07
A Norwegian man who admitted drink-driving has been acquitted because he was drunk when he made the confession. The 36-year-old man signed his confession to police six hours after he was arrested but later withdrew it, reports VG newspaper. The local court in Moss has now acquitted the man as there was no further evidence against him.

The man's lawyer criticised the police for wasting the court's time. He said: "The police should at least have ensured they had proof if they thought my client was driving under the influence. "I am pleased with the court's decision. It was the right decision in a case that should never have ended up in court."

Goodness me!

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31-07-03, 01:20
Jebus Kriest...

I could lean out my window with a 410 (flechette rifle aka shotgun) and shoot randomly once and hit two drunk drivers...

31-07-03, 05:08
:eek: and we're driveing in Vegas??

31-07-03, 05:20
Alcohol can't suit with driving. IMO, these people are idiots!!!!

31-07-03, 06:50
Originally posted by Annacia:
:eek: and we're driveing in Vegas??Not just Vegas dear, anywhere anymore...