View Full Version : Your Tomb Raider Dumb-Luck Moments

20-01-08, 23:46
What are your greatest "dumb-luck" moments in TR? Those times where you should've died, but by sheer luck you make it. My latest one: During a custom level there was a boulder trap on a slope. When I reached the bottom instead of jumping out of the way I accidentally rolled, but this allowed the boulder to go right over me (this happened after about 5 tries)

20-01-08, 23:54
I don't remember them all, but since I don't use a walkthrough, I always forrest gump my way all the way through.

21-01-08, 00:25
Guessing the lever combination correctly in Lost city of Tinnos (TR3). :D

21-01-08, 00:37
^^ wow, that's sheer luck :D

mine was in TR3 Madubu Gorge when i was in the kayak, i survived a huge fall by pressing the large medipack hotkey right before i fell :D

21-01-08, 00:44
TR3 Crash Site. I was stuck on that little island in the little pool of water while fighting the t-rex. Not sure how I made it outa that one alive.

21-01-08, 00:50
I've had many but can't remember any of them. :tea:
Playing Anniversary because there'll be fluke moment where she falls off the ledge I always have my finger near the "grab" button. :o

21-01-08, 00:58
That happened to me in the Obelisk of Kahamoon. I fell from the top level platform and by sheer luck grabbed onto a ledge about 3 levels down.

Chiki Mina
21-01-08, 01:04
I can't remember if it was in TR1 or TR:A. But I managed to get inside of the giant Egyptian head in the level Sanctuary of the Scion without obtaining the two Ankhs.

21-01-08, 01:17
I guessed all the right levers in the hall of season in aod. In my first go :D

21-01-08, 03:45
Guessing the lever combination correctly in Lost city of Tinnos (TR3). :D

That's really good. :eek:

21-01-08, 03:53
I remember my Anti-Luck moment in Tomb Raider II.

I saved mid-jump on The Floating Islands, but I actually had missed the jump.
Everytime I load Lara, she just screams and fall into the void!!

21-01-08, 04:05
I can't really remember mine, there were a few in Anniversary but most of them were in TLR where I usually pressed the heath button while falling, in the nick of time or something weird like that.

Guessing the lever combination correctly in Lost city of Tinnos (TR3). :D

woah! that is lucky.

Sam The Man
21-01-08, 07:46
1. Doing the curve jump shortcut on OPERA HOUSE on my first playthrough at 4.30 in the morning thinking it was the correct way and that it was just a very tricky jump and not finding out the right way until years later

2. Having no medi packs whatsoever on BARKHANG MONASTARY and doing the last half of the level with a BLACK HEALTH BAR as in empty.

3. Not seeing the dead Raptor carcass on the CRASH SITE level on TR3 and jumping in the Piranha infested pool and pulling the lever whilst using large medi packs constantly

4. On Sanctuary Of The Scion on Anniversary being high up on one of the sides leading to one of the 2 rooms where the ANKH keys were and climbing up and pulling up where that flying mummy comes and bumping into me and knocking me back down where i climbed up only for lara to hit the wall as i was falling back down and going HALF through it and just floating down the wall slowly with her body half inside the wall and half out, when i got near the bottom i tried to run her out of the wall which worked and she just dropped a step or 2 back to the floor!

21-01-08, 10:27
I was playing Anniversary yesterday, and I was up to the part in the Great Pyramid where you have to wall run up that big room, and I jumped too early but *just* managed to grab the last ledge.

21-01-08, 11:54
I think completing any levels is just dumb luck for me.

21-01-08, 15:16
In TRAE, I tried the mothod of running back to the water room with the 2 mutants and 2 centaurs behind me to see if they would fall in the water like someone posted. NOPE! But I was able to drain the room and pick them off from below! :D (Well, actually one finally fell off. He didn't die thouhg...It was creepy looking over the ledge and seeing him running in place below...)

Capt. Murphy
21-01-08, 15:32
I once got every secret in TR 1. :jmp:

In a single segment run, without saves. Even though I pick up every item in the game like always... It's that one before you face Natla for the last time. That must be a glitch in the game. :confused:

21-01-08, 16:01
Another one just happened while playing TRA demo.
I'm up against the bear, and, so you know how you have to crawl under something right before you get to the bear? Yeah, somehow he knocked me under that. I wind up on the other side, without really realizing what I was doing. The bear couldn't get to me, but kept trying, so I had a good shot at it.

21-01-08, 16:07
when I was 7, i was playing tomb raider 1, and the only level i could finish was the lost valley. NOW THAT IS SHEER LUCK *for someone of that age

21-01-08, 17:16
The first time I'd played Tomb Raider two after a two year break. I forgot alot about it and I managed to survive the spike walls in the Great Wall :D.

04-02-08, 15:02
When I was playing anniversary, I managed to get all six raptors after me, but I found this rock to stand on where they couldn't get me, but when I killed them they jumped at me and their body got stuck on the rock lol.

04-02-08, 16:05
Ooh here's another one, TR3: Area 51, I was in the crouch space with the lasers and I didn't know they were there and I was like "OIHXDOFH!" but I still got past it :)

04-02-08, 16:11
In Greece, where you have to jump from pillar to pillar and there's spikes below you..I jumped at the wrong moment and landed right in the middle of two spikes..Ahh, that was lucky.

04-02-08, 16:11
Completing TR4 without looking at any walktrough!

04-02-08, 17:59
was playing a TRLE level,I heard a noise in the kitchen and I started to roll,sprint,duck shouting "GET AWAY FROM MEH!!!" then I realised no one was chasing me...then,meanwhile I runned,I jumped down about to die,I used a medipack and I survived O_o

Sir Croft
04-02-08, 18:44
I don't really remember one... :p

Guessing the lever combination correctly in Lost city of Tinnos (TR3). :D


04-02-08, 22:27
when playin TRA, it was during some timed sequence, but a flying thing came out and i killed it 1 shot and kept going. must've been a glitch.

04-02-08, 23:28
In TR Legend I was playing the russian base place and at the spot with the green gas, I just ran through it and used all my medkits but I survived!:jmp:

05-02-08, 05:04
I could play a lot of TR1 without dying and I bet half of that was dumb luck but that was more than 10 years ago and I was a nimble 13 year-old so I'd probably suck now.

When I played TRA, the T-rex got stuck in one spot so I shot it to bits while it roared at me and waved its pathetic little arms :p. Unfortunately that meant that I didn't really get the hang of the adrenaline dodge until later.

I tend to have good luck when dodging timed traps like walls that slam together. I tend to charge through and do lots of flips without thinking about it much and before I know it I'm through in one piece :D.

In Legend, I also managed to play the entire Khazakstan bike-chase without falling off while eating dinner.

07-02-08, 03:09
Being attacked by a lion in Palice Midas (TR1) losing full health, but using a medipack right before lara died.