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20-01-08, 23:48
Here are mine: :D :jmp:

TR1: Obelisk of Khamoon
TR1 Gold: Temple of The Cat
TR2: Venice
TR2 Gold: Nightmare in Vegas
TR3: All of the India & South Pacific levels
TRLA/TR3 Gold: Its a Madhouse! :D
TR4: Hall of Demetrius & Cleopatra's Palaces
TR5/C: Streets of Rome
TRAOD: Tomb of The Ancients
TRL: Japan & Kazakstan
TRA: Obelisk of Khamoon & Lost Valley

Those are my favorite levels from all the TR games! :D :cln:

20-01-08, 23:57
TR1: Atlantis/ Great Pyramid and St. Francis' Folly
TR2: Temple of Xian
TR2 Gold: Furnace of the Gods
TR3: Temple of Puna (short but sweet)
TR4: Tomb of Semerkhet
TR5: Escape with the Iris!
AOD: Hall of Seasons (and all the challenges)/Tomb of the Ancients
TRL: Ghana
TRA: St. Francis' Folly
btw, how do you make one of those penguin things? :D

God Horus
21-01-08, 00:00
TR1: Vilcambamba
TR2: Venice
TR3: Jungle
TR4: City of the Dead
TR5: Labyrinth
TR6: Eckhardt's Lab
TR7: England
TRA: Lost Valley

21-01-08, 00:04
btw, how do you make one of those penguin things? :D

They can be found here (http://tux.crystalxp.net/). ;)

Sorry for being off-topic, everyone. :( :off:

21-01-08, 00:04
TR1: Cistern or Natla's Mines
TR2: Opera House
TR3: Nevada Desert
TR4: Cleopatra's Palaces
TR5: Labyrinth or Collosseum
TR6: Tomb of the Ancients
TR7: Nepal or Kazakhstan
TRA: St. Francis Folly

21-01-08, 00:06
TR1 - Sanctuary of the Scion
TR3 - Nevada Desert
TR4 - Desert Railroad
TR6 - Parisian Ghetto, Neptune's Hall, aaaand all Prague levels except Boaz Returns and Lost Domain. I can't chose!

21-01-08, 00:24
TR1: The Cistern
TR2: Can't decide! >.<
TR3: Lud's Gate/Aldwych/Nevada Desert
TR4: Alexandria/Coastal Ruins
TR5: The Russia/Submarine levels
TR6: Hall of Seasons
TR7: I've forgotten which levels are better and which are worst...says a lot
TRA: St. Francis' Folly.

But love the classics, especially TR2 and 3 so much anyway. :)

21-01-08, 01:07
Tomb Raider - Sanctuary of the Scion
Unfinished Business - Return to Egypt
Tomb Raider 2 - Venice
Golden Mask - NONE!
TR3 - Madubu Gorge
Lost Artifact - Highland Fling
Last Revelation - Burial Chambers
Chronicles - Old Mill
Angel of Darkness - Monstrum Crime Scene
Legend - Ghana
Anniversary - Sanctuary of the Scion

21-01-08, 01:08
TR1: City of Khamoon
UB: Return to Egypt
TR2: Temple of Xian
TR3: Temple Ruins
TR4: Cleopatra's Palace
TR5: Black Isle Section (can't single one out in particular =/)
TR6: Hall of Seasons
TRL: Ghana
TRA: St. Francis' Folly

21-01-08, 01:34
TR1: Temle of Khamoon
TR2: Floating Islands
TR3: Area 51
TRLR: The Jeep Chase (can't remember the names from that game)
TRC: The Russian U-Boat
TRAoD: I hate the whole game but if I had to choose it would be The dig site
TRL: Peru
TRA: Temple of Khamoon

21-01-08, 01:55
TR1:Obelisk of Khamoon
TR2: The Great Wall
TR3: South Pacific Levels
TR4: The levels without sand =/ ... If there are any xD
TR5/C: Never even played it passed the first 2 levels = boring
TRAOD: Tomb Of The Ancients
TRL: Ghana! I'm a sucker for waterfalls and such :3
TRA: Village Of Vilcabamba

21-01-08, 02:56
TR1: ATLANTISSSSSS!!!!!! my most favorite area!!!! :D :D :D
TR2: The Ice Palace / Kingdom b/c i loved the birdmonsters
TR3: Madubu Gorge/Area 51/Willard's Lair b/c it brought something new to the game (ie the kayak)
TR4: Tomb of Semerkhet b/c of the Senet Game
TR5: VCI b/c it actually brought a challenge to me
TRAOD: Don't have it; probably not getting it
TRL: I purely hated the game
TRA: Lost Valley/Tomb of Tihocan b/c of the bosses

Evan C.
21-01-08, 03:33
Definitly,The Lost Valley.:)

21-01-08, 04:15
TR1: Atlantis
TR2: 40 fathoms
TR3: Area 51
TR4: Burial Chambers, Citadel and Tomb of Semerkhet (Senet!...and the whole thing you have to do when you loose)
TR5: VCI and Ireland
TRAOD: Archaeological Dig
TRL: Peru and Japan
TRA: St. Francis Folly, Natlas mines and Midas' Palace.

21-01-08, 07:43
TR1: St. Francis Folly
TR2: none
TR3: none
TR4: All
TR6:Everything after Lourve.
TRL: Ghana
TRA: St. Francis Folly.

21-01-08, 18:34
TR1: Atlantis
TR2: Temple of Xian
TR3: Lost City of Tinnos
TR4: Desert Railroad
TR5/C: Gallows Tree
TRAOD: The Archeaological Dig
TRL: Ghana
TRA: St. Francis Folly

21-01-08, 18:45
TR1: Temle of Khamoon
TR2: Floating Islands
TR3: Area 51
TRLR: The Jeep Chase (can't remember the names from that game)
TRC: The Russian U-Boat
TRAoD: I hate the whole game but if I had to choose it would be The dig site
TRL: Peru
TRA: Temple of Khamoon

Agreeing to every one of these.

21-01-08, 18:49
TR1: None.
TR2: Temple of Xian.
TR3: Lost City of Tinnos.
TRLR: None.
TRC: None.
TRAOD: Louvre Storm Drains.
TRL: England.
TRA: None.

21-01-08, 19:10
TR1: Lost Valley.
TR2: Great Wall of China.
TR3: Nevada.
TR4: Coastal Ruins.
TR5: Ireland.
TR6: Hall of Seasons.
TR7: Nepal.
TRA: St Francis' Folly.

21-01-08, 19:14
since this thread is entitled "best TR levels" and not "favorite TR levels", i have given my list of the ones if think are the best and most creative levels in the series... but they are not neccesarily my favorite :D

TR1: Atlantis
TR2: Temple of Xian
TR3: High Security Compound
TR4: Lost Library
TR5: Sinking Submarine
TRAOD: Louvre Gallaries
TRL: England
TRA: St. Francis Folly

21-01-08, 19:17
TR1. The Great Pyramid (Trapfest!)
TR2. Temple of Xian (Greatest Trapfest of all!)
TR3. Temple Ruins (Spooky, big.)
TR4. Some of the later levels around the pyramids
TR5. The Philosopher's Stone area
TR6. Hall of Seasons
legend: Ghana
TR:A: St. Francis Folly.


21-01-08, 19:24
TR: St. Francis' Folly
TR2: Venice
TR3: All the India levels
TR4: Coastal Ruins
TR5: Rome levels
TR6: Louvre (never finished the game, though)
TRL: Ghana
TRA:St. Francis' Folly

21-01-08, 19:34
Tomb Raider: Sanctuary Of The Scion

Dagger Of Xian: Barkhang Monastery

TR2Gold: Fool's Gold

Adventures: Coastal Village

The Last Revelation: Lost Library

Chronicles: All Black Isle Levels, especially Gallows Tree

Angel Of Darkness: Monstrum Crime Scene/ Sanitarium

Overall Fave Level:

Sanctuary Of The Scion.

The Underground Lake was a real :yik: moment.


21-01-08, 21:15
tr 1 lost valley
tr2 home sweet home and opera house
tr3 nevada area 51
tr4 erm.............
tr5 the first level cant remember name sorry
tr6 probably the first level that was in a tomb lol i think its paris underground
trl england
tra lost valley
tru hoping a new home sweet home

movies bits
tr1 the home attack bit
tr2 the whole city attack section where they glide off the building