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21-01-08, 04:28
I need to run this by anyone with auto repair knowledge. I have a 1995 toyota camry. I just got home and found out that I had been driving a total of 11 miles today without any oil at all. I know there is a leak but it was never this bad. I just filled it back up with 5 quarts and there isn't any signs of a leak but my question is: Do you think it's safe to drive or should I get it checked out ASAP? In case you're wondering, current temps here are about 12F (-11C). It's going to my mechanic later this week but I really can't afford to go without it let alone get it in sooner than Weds.

Thanks. :wve:

21-01-08, 05:06
How do you know it was only 11 miles there Mark? Did you check it prior to today. It must have had some oil or it would have siezed the bearings, unless you are extremely lucky. I doubt you have burned it - if your compression rings were that worn you would have quite a plume of smoke behind you. Same with the valve stem seals. Can't be that worn without it being a problem prior to today. It must be leaking somewhere. Park on concrete and look for the drips. May be rocker gaskets, but you would see that under the hood. I suppose the oil filter is still there?
Should be safe as long as you don't drive too far and check it regularily.
It a nutshell, get it checked as soon as possible, and keep an eye on it and spare oil in the car

Legend Killer
21-01-08, 11:52
At the very least start monitoring it daily. If you hear any unusual noises from the engine its time to stop driving it and get to a service center. Toyotas are extremely hard to kill (this is a good thing). Also, if memory serves me correctly 5 quarts is a little much for a Camry's oil capacity. Drewy's right about the smoke. If theres an internal leak you will definitely see and smell it out the exhaust.

Capt. Murphy
21-01-08, 15:23
I once blew a head gasket. I didn't know it at the time, but would come to know later. I drove around for almost a week without any problems. Then it started overheating due to coolant leaking out. One night I went up town somewhere and right when I get to where I was going I noticed my temperature guage (and warning light that just came on). Later, when it came time to get back home, I believe I put some water in it, but I only went a couple of miles on the way back home before it really over heated! I had to stop, wait... I had to open the coolant resevior (they say not to do that especially when your car is running hot - but nothing was in there, so it was safe actually :( ) I put in some anti-freeze that I had, drove on another 5 miles or so and I actually made it back home. Then took it to the shop the next day. I was fortunate to not have cracked a head.

Not that this post helps or anything. I mainly just wanted to share my story. Chalk one up to post count -I guess.

Whatever you do, if you ever hear your engine knocking, you'll think back and realize it was because of when this happened. :(

The less you can drive it (only if you absolutely have to), and the sooner you can get into the shop -the better! Is there another car you can drive, or can you get a ride from someone else in the meantime?

22-01-08, 03:49
Well, it's not an internal leak from what I can see. I think it's coming from the oil pressure switch (right below the cylinder head). I can see oil dripping out of it. I've stopped driving it and it's going in on Weds. No knocking noises as of yet but I did have a similar experience to Capt. Murphy. My radiator blew, though that was three months ago. I'm wondering if the pressure was too much and caused a leak and then the extreme cold we have had here just pushed it over the edge. Thanks for your help guys. :wve:

22-01-08, 04:22
If you had head gasket trouble (or cracked head) you would usually see small bubbles in the radiator coolant and eventually it would become foamy. A cracked cylinder also allows water to enter the combustion chamber, and you may see steam out the tail pipe and the car may run rough at lower speeds. A compression test is the best way to find out.
The oil pressure switch may be a quick fix with some sort of thread sealant or general tightening. Lets hope for the best, but thats a lot of oil for such a short period.