View Full Version : BUSH pardons himself for possible war crimes

21-01-08, 11:01
If his bill passes through the U.S. Senate as it has the House, Bush will be legally retroactively exempt from any attempts to hold him (and/or his entire administration, including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) accountable for any war crimes committed since September 11, 2001.


21-01-08, 11:07

At least now he admits he was wrong!

This can't be put through, can it?

21-01-08, 11:10
People should take responsibility for their actions, whether it's George W. Bush or someone else.

21-01-08, 11:14
So who is going to take the responsibility?

21-01-08, 11:32
I sure hope that this bill violates the constitution in one way or another so it'll get repealed, but I have a feeling it won't. How high are chances that Senate does not pass it?

21-01-08, 11:33
Too late, passed in October '06, this is old news.




21-01-08, 11:48
Ah, OK. I thought it was a new law, different from the Military Commisions Act.

Well, I still hope it gets declared unconstitutional and repealed. If someone is not a legal combatant, then he's a suspected criminal. There is no gray area in there and there is no need for a new category with less rights than either POW or criminal.

21-01-08, 14:33
it won't change anything

21-01-08, 17:11
Huh? The house is controlled by Democrats. This is the usual CNN hate of Bush by taking it out of context.

Mona Sax
21-01-08, 17:16
Well, it says a lot about Mr. Bush, but it really doesn't make much of a difference. Nobody in the political system would file or support a lawsuit against a former president (unless he turned out to be a second Hitler), and Bush can't exempt anybody from international law.