View Full Version : New look UIQO.com - your comments please

tlr online
21-01-08, 12:14

New magazine-style layout for UIQO.com to celebrate the web site courting more than 4,000 readers per day :jmp:

21-01-08, 12:15
Looks pretty good.Are you part of UIQO?

Legend Killer
21-01-08, 12:19
Pretty slick! Nice color choices used and a very neat layout. :tmb:

21-01-08, 12:22
Nice, I like it. However, the top of the site looks a bit empty, and it doesn't really make it feel like a game site. A slick stylish banner/logo would probably solve the problem. :wve:

The layout itself is fab though! :tmb:

21-01-08, 13:04
I can say you're using WordPress, yeah? :tmb: I REALLY like this new layout. The old one seemed too cluttered and the blue theme just didn't do it for me. This one, however, looks more professional, and I really like the Spotlight feature. Reminds me of the 'Most Recent' flash updates in IGN and GameSpot. I also like the fact that you have Featured Games. In the old one, I kind of got lost with all the amount of linkies to games that I really didn't know where to go for some leisure browsing.

I'll go with George about adding in a good, stylish banner on top. Something that can go up the ranks of LCTV and the Atlantean Scion website. Lastly, I suggest you limit the Categories list to around 15 (based on recency of game) and have a View All button. I personally think that long list makes the main space really look empty.

Other than that, it's a great improvement. :tmb:

21-01-08, 13:15
Very neat, bit too much spare space, but thats nit picking. Conways 'view all' button ^^^ would solve it.

BTW Can't wait for Jumper. Should be cool :tmb: (and the movie)

21-01-08, 14:38
Looks great! Its got a nice easy to navigate layout and a sleek simple design that's easy on the eye. :tmb:

21-01-08, 14:42
Awesome. Looks perfect IMO. Not too cluttered, but not empty, either. The colors are great, too.:tmb:

Agent 47
21-01-08, 14:43
erm, hmmm

just kidding,looks nice, easy to read and navigate

i like it :jmp:

21-01-08, 14:47
I was accustomed to the blue.
It seemed very personal.

Browse Categories is very useful


21-01-08, 17:01
dont know what to say but: :tmb:

21-01-08, 17:07
Excellent design. Very easy on the eyes. :tmb:

21-01-08, 17:25
Awesome it looks great:tmb:

ben croft
21-01-08, 17:26
10/10 stars! Beautiful, clean, nice selection of colours. :tmb:


21-01-08, 17:34
Looks very plain and dull tbh :wve:

I prefer the old layout, this is like a total step backwards, and more
light, fresh colour would be appreciated :)

Alex Fly
21-01-08, 18:23
Wow I prefer this new layout ! Great work ! :tmb:

21-01-08, 18:29
I like it. I like the simple (a tad minimalistic) look. :tmb:

21-01-08, 19:01
I like the new layout tons. Nice update.

21-01-08, 19:31
Congratulations on such an achievement :tmb:!

I think it's now more user friendly,but I preferred the previous layout: this one is too clean and light: it seemed I was looking at watercolours and not to games ' screens and media,which,in my opinion,should have a more intense setting enhancing them.

But it's quite more easy to navigate!

Sir Croft
21-01-08, 19:37
Great design! Clean, yet beautiful. Also practical and easy to use. Although the Green and Grey thing looks too much Xbox360-ish, it still looks awesome. Great work! :tmb:

Jack Croft
21-01-08, 20:20
I like it! :D