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22-01-08, 16:52
Anyone seen the movie? :wve: What are your thoughts?

I saw it this weekend and thought the design, script, and acting was wonderfull. Cate portrays Elizabeth beautifully. :tmb: Except I think there were a bit of Historically incorrect events. I don't beleive Sir Riley actually existed either, my mother said he's a mashup of two suitors. (She studied art history.)

22-01-08, 17:00
I think,taking Cate,it was utterly boring,mostly if compared with the first one.

Not only it was historically inaccurate as it gave too much importance to the scenarios,etc,and forgot the actors. At least,in my opinion.

22-01-08, 17:14
first time i read the title I read "Elizabeth: The Golden Axe"

no i didnt see that movie...

22-01-08, 17:25
I saw it two weeks ago. Loved it! :tmb: Cate Blanchett is AMAZING! -> She's nominated for 2 Oscars. :tmb: