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Soma Holiday
22-01-08, 18:27
I'm considering the career of becoming an air traffic controller. I've researched into it, but I still don't really get a feel of the job.

Does anyone know an airtraffic controller by chance? Or maybe the specific details of the job, ie how much they work?

It's random I know. haha. But I'll take what I can get. :p

22-01-08, 19:09
I know someone who started a career in the army. And then occupied a civilian job.
He earns a lot of money. He has great responsibility and I suppose that a little stress :)
Timetable and destination to agree with the company.

22-01-08, 19:16
Hmm they are actively campaigning for peopel to become air traffic controllers here in the Netherlands (for Schiphol Airport I guess).
From what I hear it is a very demanding position. Insight, reflexes, stress, memory, spatial visualization, intelligence, decision making, ... all need to be top-notch if you want to make it.
Best of luck :tmb:

22-01-08, 20:34
Air Traffic Controllers have more responsibility than Airline Pilots.