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Evan C.
22-01-08, 20:12
Well,this is a thread not very interesting maybe,but very important to me.I`d like to contact with Mariah Carey,specificly a message from her to my best friend.A short message via e-mail or something like that.
He is passing by a very difficult moment and he is the biggest fan of her...i know is almost impossible,but maybe i can do some contact(even the most insignificant)with someone close to her.
I think if i can do that,he will be the happiest guy in the world,and he deserves that.
Well,if someone knows what can i do(because i don`t know anything about her,i don`t even like her music),where i can contact with her or something like that,i will be thankfull for the rest of my life.
Thanks anyway:hug:

22-01-08, 20:16
Sometimes you find contact e-mails on websites, and sometimes in little cards that come with CD's

There are also sites where you pay to get "real addresses" but i've never trusted one enough to use one.

Evan C.
22-01-08, 20:27
Yes,me neither.I wrote to so much times to bands that just me and 100 hundred more knows and however they never answer.That`s because i ask here. :o

22-01-08, 20:30
Mariah seems to be currently signed to Island Records, so if you fail to find her adress, it should be easy to find the contact address for the whole music label, and I suggest you send them your letter. I know it seems a bit far-fetched, but I'm sure they have people hired to read the letters and select the ones they want the artists to see. If you write kindly and explain everything about your friend, they just might forward your letter to Mariah's PR. :)

22-01-08, 22:26
If there is an official fanclub, that may be a place to look too. You may however need to be a member first, which generally costs money...

Evan C.
22-01-08, 23:41
Well,that would be amazing but i have no money to spend :(

23-01-08, 00:12
Just search a bunch of websites/fansites for her and send one to every address. That's how I got Angelina Jolie's autograph. :p