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kill bill
22-01-08, 20:34
Hi. I'm doing a Series/Sitcom and I was wondering can anyone give me a tutorial on how to not be flooded with ideas. I was thinking of doing an extension onto H E R O E S like the http://ie.youtube.com/user/IncidentalHeroes Something almost like that but different. So any ideas. :)

Each Ep will plan to run for about 6-10 mins;)

22-01-08, 20:46
Keep a notebook with you at all times. Write down anything and everything that comes to you. De-stress at the end of each day. Get good quality sleep.

Part of having loads of ideas is learning enough discipline to filter and sort them into stuff you can actually accomplish, and taking good care of yourself while your brain does its work ;)

kill bill
22-01-08, 20:49
Thanks. And for the acomplishing part I'm not doing any fancy smanchy jumping off building etc and for the effects I can use a program I have:) Any essental equipment? I'm using a Sony DVR handycam camera with an old tripod my mums friends husband gave to me;)

22-01-08, 21:02
Any essental equipment?

If you're using a HandyCam, you'll want to get your hands on any and every piece of lighting equipment you can.

Research a couple of various lighting techniques, and try to figure out how to adapt them to the resources you have. When using a consumer camera, you're going to need to rely very, very heavily on lighting to make your scenes pop and stand out.

kill bill
22-01-08, 21:07
Yea...... about lighting how does 2 flood lights and a flash lamp sound?

22-01-08, 21:12
Hey, take what you can get. ;)

Put the flashlight away, and buy some diffuse paper to help control the lamps. (Don't worry, it's ultra cheap. Or just use tracing paper.)

Learn about 3-point lighting. It's your best friend.

kill bill
22-01-08, 21:22
I never heard / don't use diffuse paper. And theres no shop that sells tracing paper near here. Will regular do. And I'm not using lamps. Listen again All I have is two flood lights/out door lights and a flash lamp:D

23-01-08, 01:25
How many watts are the flood lamps and what's the manufacturer? Also what kind of camera are you using?

Based on the info you have provided, the flood lights will suffice for lighting the scene but not nearly in an aesthetic means for a sitcom. If you're floods are too high of a wattage, I wouldn't recommend using wax or tracing paper without barn doors that extend out enough and clips to keep them in place, otherwise you're looking at a potential fire hazard.

kill bill
23-01-08, 15:29
My camera is a Sony DV Handy Cam DCR-HC22E
And for flood lights.... Just regular ones. Like them 20-80 watt ones;)

23-01-08, 16:49
The camera you should be fine with but the lights, that's another story. You'll be able to light the scene but the image quality will look poor since you'll be forcing your camera to operate at a lower F-stop and possibly introducing noise in the image. You would need lights at least in the 200-300 watt range to properly light a scene. These get quite expensive so see if you can find something between 100-200watts. Although to be honest, to get a good illumination on a scene without worrying about lighting ratios and color temperatures, I'd suggest lights of 500-1000watts but without training, I wouldn't advise you to use them. They're high wattage and can be very dangerous if not used properly.

kill bill
23-01-08, 16:51
I'll stick with two flood lights and a lamp and Special Effects. lol