View Full Version : Craziest March!!

23-01-08, 12:15
This month of March will be crazy and in a blast because of the following reasons: :whi:

*I will going to Hongkong Disney Land :jmp:
*Then one week after that I will go to Japan. :D :jmp:
*Then, I will have my baccalaureate. :D
*And for the finale,I will be graduating!! :jmp: :yah:

23-01-08, 20:56
Wow, it'll be fun I bet! Lucky duck.:):):)

Evan C.
23-01-08, 21:00
Wonderfull :)
Congratulation :hug:

23-01-08, 23:40
Good for you, Kyle! :tmb: I hope everything goes well! :D

23-01-08, 23:44
Wow, early congrats on graduating hun. These sure sound lots of fun, specially the Japan part. You'll have a blast. :)