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24-01-08, 00:16
okay there is one here .. I was watching some movie I don't know what or if it was an TV show but the scene that I saw was something like this. There were two men running. one was wearing a white ski suit or some and the other one was wearing a green dark green snow ski suit or some but they were running and the green ski suit guy was chasing the guy in the white ski suit and then the green stops after the chasing game and see the white ski suit guy dead in a frozen pond in the water and he things he's dead but he wasn't and he came out of the water and drag the other guy with him in the water they went in the deep in the water in the Thin ice and came out of it and starts to fight or some and after some few minutes the police came and starts to yell at them.... that the thing I remember hope you remember this scene hope you can

24-01-08, 00:22
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