View Full Version : Does Anybody here have a blog?

24-01-08, 04:57
Just wondering. Post a link if you have one.

24-01-08, 07:41
Well, I do. http://ferroequinologist.de/ (german and english). I'm trying to keep both the german and english versions current, but if you go through the archives, you'll hit the occasional article where I didn't bother. Then there's also my games review site http://trainsingames.com/ (only english), which is kinda bloggy, and which I don't update very often.

24-01-08, 17:33
No blog, only my photography gallery at http://noctifer.net ... Unfortunately my camera is currently in repairs :(

24-01-08, 17:34
Valley of the Damned: http://votd-nzn.blogspot.com/

ben croft
24-01-08, 17:35
A very old blog, since 2005... not up-to-date... I don't have free time anymore:
click me (http://www.blogcroft.blogspot.com)
[portuguese - brazil]