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24-01-08, 12:07
hey, ever since legend came out, there have been many threads about moves being optional, such as the manual grap in anniversary, but now there are threads about the adrenaline dodge being optional and hints being optional and loads of other stuff. im all for these options as i think it would make the game accessable to everyone, but is it even possible to make all htese options? i mean i fwe think about the adrenaline dodge, maybe some parts will only be able to be completed using the dodge, but if people turn it off then what will they do? i dont know much about current systems and what they are capable of but i seems to be it would be impossible to put in loads of optional moves as it would be really hard for CD to actaully make a good puzzle as they wouldnt know what moves people will turn off or on. i hope this makes sense, what do you guys think?

Mr K
24-01-08, 12:10
I've commented as well that the number of things we want to be optional is getting a bit unmanageable.

Some things like hints should be made optional, we've seen it done to a certain extent in TRA.

Other things I think we should either just decide whether we want them or not, or else come up with a new strategy eg not making it compulsory to kill the bosses with the adrenalin dodge.

24-01-08, 12:13
Optional doesn't necessarily mean:
*Insert option name* ON/OFF

The matrix move in Legend was optional in another way. You only used it if you wanted it. The AD was forced, and restrictive, which effected the combat terribly.

24-01-08, 12:58
it worked ok in the natla and the other 'boss' fights. but in the main game, mm... no!

hang on a minute, i think i've read some where we aren't getting boss fights? :pi: