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Josh Raider
25-01-08, 01:21
Do CD check these forums for feedback and or suggestions for the games? I feel as if they just took the time to see some of these huge detailed topics of what we the fans want, a lot of our criticisms would be non exsistant.

On a somewht related note, does anyone know how long this has been in development?

PS: I'm glad I finally decided to join, after reading all of the huge topics on here and too see all of the dedcation you guys have, I'm proud to be a member of the community :)

25-01-08, 01:25
welcome home then,..:D... im sure you will have a lot of fun, sometimes not even fun, and then youll get mad,.. but at the end, its a great forum,.. some of the members are really here since so long nor even dinosaurs existed (joking) and some others are just new, but writte as much as they breath,..:D...

anyway im sure everyone will welcome you,.. i for one,.. and ... see you around,..:D

tlr online
25-01-08, 01:34
Welcome :wve:

I'm glad you decided on a more appropriate username.

Josh Raider
25-01-08, 01:35
Haha, yeah. I wasn't sure if that would get through the sensors. It seems it didn't :D