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25-01-08, 08:48
Hello guys and girls. This thread is especially for Scottish inhabitants. I need some help.

I have lessons about Scotland and the teacher ask us to make our own courses. I would like you to tell me what are the most important people (historically), events and dates so that I can go on looking for info on books or on the net.

If you can, try to make as less replies as possible. I do not want to read 40 pages.

Thanks for your help.

25-01-08, 10:02
People -
Saint Andrew (national saint)
Robert the Bruce (king of Scotland in 1306)
William Wallace (outlaw & freedom fighter)
Robert Burns (poet)
Alexander Graham Bell (invented the telephone)
Lord MacBeth (last Gaelic king of Scotland)
Mary, Queen of Scots (last Roman Catholic monarch of Scotland, executed for treason)
Charles Edward Stuart, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie (prince)
More here (http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/home/scotland/greatscots.html#mary)

Events & dates -
1295 - Signing of the "Auld Alliance" between Scotland and France (one of the world's oldest mutual defence treaties)
1314 - Battle of Bannockburn (Scotland becomes independent)
1320 - The Declaration of Arbroath drawn up to urge the Pope to recognise Scottish independence from England. The Pope accepted the Declaration.
1411 - University of St Andrews founded
1451 - University of Glasgow founded
1494 - University of Aberdeen founded
1512 - Under the terms of the Auld Alliance, all Scots became French and vice versa
1582 - University of Edinburgh founded
1692 - Massacre of Glencoe
1692 - Bank of Scotland founded
1715 - First Jacobite rebellion - Jacobites defeated at the Battle of Sheriffmuir
1744 - World's first golf club founded
1745 - Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) returns to Scotland; Second Jacobite rebellion begins; Scottish victory at the Battle of Prestonpans; Jacobite Scottish army advance as far south as Derby but then retreat
1746 - Battle of Culloden (Jacobite Scots routed by the Government troops); Charles escapes to France; the wearing of the kilt was prohibited
1896 - Opening of the Underground railway in Glasgow
More here (http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/home/scotland/histdates.html)

26-01-08, 07:55
Thank you Geck-o-Lizard. This will be very helpful.

Royal Oak
26-01-08, 13:10
You forgot about the best ever thing to come out of Scotland.

Billy Connolly.

The man is a legend and is simply awesome

26-01-08, 14:35
^^ :vlol:

26-01-08, 18:38
His hair may be grey but I wouldn't consider him a historical figure quite yet. :p

26-01-08, 18:48
Can't stand Billy Connolly to be perfectly honest. :p

I've noticed that it's more the people closer to his age that like him, although there are a few younger people that like him too. :p