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25-01-08, 14:31
1. Create a paypal account.
2. Register at (<- yes, that is my refferal, im not here to lie to ppl, if you read the text under you will understand why.)
3. Login intro Bux.to with your account and click "surf ads"
4. Click ads, make money!
5. When you have atleast 10$, click "my stats" and click cashout, and your money will be transfered to paypal

note: the more refferals you have, the easier you make money!

At Bux.to, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.

Earnings Example
� You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
� 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
� Your daily earnings = $2.10
� Your weekly earnings = $14.70
� Your monthly earnings = $63.00

The above example is based only on 20 referrals and 10 daily clicks. Some days you will have more clicks available, some days you will have less. What if you had more referrals? What if there were more ads available?Taken from bux.to

25-01-08, 14:34
I'll do it when I get home, perhaps, because right now I am at college..definately trustable, yes?

25-01-08, 14:35
This is seriously real? Not a scam? Because I just might do that.

25-01-08, 14:37
Its fake. my Aunt recently got scammed by a similar website. Don't do it.

25-01-08, 14:37
Its fake. my Aunt recently got scammed by a similar website. Don't do it.

What's the scam, exactly?

25-01-08, 14:39
This is seriously real? Not a scam? Because I just might do that.

Well, im not 10000% sure, but a friend of mine said it worked.

And well... at the beginning you only get 0.01$ per clicked ad, so ... (after you get refferals, youll get the refferal's money (and the refferal too))

25-01-08, 14:50
From the Terms and Conditions:

Web Site Advertising / Advertisements
5.1 - Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on www.tombraiderforums.com (http://www.tombraiderforums.com). Please also note that this message board is not an FFA Links Site. One-post-wonders wanting solely to advertise their web site or products will have their membership cancelled and their posts removed. Domain names will also be blocked for a minimum of three months.
5.2 - While we welcome the broadcasting of additional and relevant resources, we will not tolerate blatant web site advertising. Such posts we deem fall into this category will be removed and appropriate action taken. Site owners who contribute to our community with more than 100 qualitative posts are more than welcome to advertise their web site and/or additional resources on www.tombraiderforums.com (http://www.tombraiderforums.com) in our Fan Forum (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21), within reason.
5.3 - Members must reach a minimum of 100 qualitative posts on our forum in accordance with our Terms & Conditions before being permitted to post web site links on our forum.

The dubious nature of this site has lead me to believe it's a potential scam as seen with this site: http://www.gptboycott.com/boycotted/Bux.to

Regardless, the T&C forbids anything of this nature or for financial gain.