View Full Version : Anyone here from Devon?

25-01-08, 16:11
Anybody here from Devon, in the South-West of England?

25-01-08, 16:56
I'm close takes about 2 hours to get to devon from hampshire.

25-01-08, 17:00
I'm from thanet. thats not very near :/

Mad Tony
25-01-08, 17:03
I'm from thanet. thats not very near :/Same here.

A lot of my family on my fathers side come from Devon. Haven't been down there in a couple of years though. Most of them live in North Devon (in and around Barnstaple). Some of my great grandparents live in Crediton though.

And my brother kind of lives there because that's where his ship is based (Plymouth). However, he's out of the country a lot with the Navy.

25-01-08, 17:04
I live in Bideford in North Devon. XD

My family might by moving to Australia this year though :)

25-01-08, 21:11
ISn't that where amborsia comes from?, you know the food of the gods, also the rice pudding...heh....

25-01-08, 21:32
I live in Cornwall! Which is right next to Devon lol!

I used to live in Plymouth for nearly a year with my now ex-boyfriend, used to love it there.

Where abouts in Devon are you from?